Confused Over Diwali Gifts? Check Here Some Good Gifting Options

by Shatakshi Gupta

Diwali is the biggest festival in India, which is celebrated with great pomp across the country.  This is a festival where gifts are given to their loved ones.  Now Diwali is coming, in such a situation, the most difficult task is to choose the best gift for your loved ones.  If you want to give some great gifts to your loved ones in your budget this Diwali, then here we have brought some options for you.

 Gifts cards

 It often happens that the gift you choose for your loved one is disliked by them.  In such a case the best option is Gift cards. There are some great offers available on Amazon, Flipkart and other stores these days, in which you can send a gift card to your loved ones. These gifts can be redeemed for any item of their choice.  If you are planning to gift a gift card, Amazon gives you many options to choose from.  If you know that the person likes to do a lot of online shopping, then you can send a gift card for clothes or anything else.  In this way, your loved one will get the gift of his/her choice.

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The price of these gift cards starts from Rs 500 and goes up to Rs 10,000. You are allowed to increase the amount.  It should be noted that the Amazon Pay Gift Card once issued cannot be cashed out, cancelled, refunded or transferred.  These gift cards usually remain valid for one year from the date of issue.  Like Amazon, this gift card option is also available on Flipkart and other e-commerce sites.


 You can give any gadget like a fitness band, power bank, air pods, speaker and many more gadgets to your work buddy.  Wireless earbuds are in trend these days to listen songs. Gadgets are always a perfect gifting option.

 Coffee mug

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If you a person, who do not want to put effort in planning the gift, then, one of the easiest options is a coffee mug.  To kickstart your day everyone likes a good cup of coffee in the morning, in such a situation you can give a beautiful coffee mug to your loved one.


 You can give a notepad to your office friends.  In which he can write the data of work to be done in his office. This is a great option to give to office friends.


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Indoor plants or Bonsai are very good for you to decorate the office desk.  This Diwali, while promoting the environment, you can gift a small bonsai to your office colleagues. Which will purify the air as well as reduce stress. These plants are very good gifting options.

 Laptop bag

 Most people are working from home due to Corona virus, in such a situation you can give laptop bags to your friends. Such a gift is full of utility for your loved ones. At the same time these bags come at affordable price.