How World Economy is Affecting by Coronavirus?

by Aditi

Last year was a bruising year for China. A trade war with the US  left its economy increasing at the slowest pace in 30 years

And economists estimate four million jobs could have been lost in 2019. This year is already being outlined by the natural event of the coronavirus that has killed thousands and has infected thousands a lot, which has put a brake on China’s economy.

Economists expect China’s rate of growth to slump to 4.5 % within the half-moon of this year from half a dozen % in the previous quarter. This is the slowest pace since the money crisis.

With a lot of the country in internment, the virus may have an effect on up to forty-two % of China’s economy, consistent with normal hired.

Companies could struggle to create payments on loans resulting in an increase in what is called non-performing loans of $1.1 trillion, consistent with normal and Poors. Chinese airlines are forced to be on the ground.
Globally, the airline business is about to lose $29bn, consistent with the International shipping Association (IATA). and therefore the result of COVID-19 is being felt all over the world.

Around the world, the stock markets are going down, the gold price is slipping. Every investor is worried about their money, even the big companies are also in this queue.

This COVID-19 has created a fear in the minds of every single netizen whether they are a businessman or a common man. and it is still going on.

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