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Exorcist fans here are more scariest web series for you

by Madhvi Bansal
Exorcist fans

At first, we were really skeptical about The Exorcist TV series. However, when we finally got an opportunity to watch it, we understood it is anything but a wan impersonation of the motion picture—it’s a superbly unsettling expansion of the film’s universe. In case you’re a horror fan, and you’re not tuning in, you’re missing out. 

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After we saw the pilot, we thought of three things The Exorcist would need to do to succeed, and the show has accomplished all of them, quickly, while taking twists we would never have anticipated. The way that it’s continuously erratic is one of the show’s greatest strengths, along with the idea that the characters, who are managing some insanely odd circumstances, actually feel strangely relatable in spite of everything. 

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Without giving an excess of away

Since the general purpose of this is to get you to watch The Exorcist for yourself, the show takes an exceptionally imaginative way to deal with portraying possession. It’s not just a young lady attached to a bed speaking in tongues (however it eventually gets to that point). The devil targets young person Casey by illustration out her deepest insecurities and “helping” her conquer them; we see the process happen gradually. We observe the evil presence enter her life as a more seasoned man that no one but she can see, and we can watch the fight for her soul as she wavers about whether or not to surrender to his demands. Along the way, we get the chance to see her use her newly discovered malevolence powers in some strangely satisfying (yet at the same time alarming) ways, bringing down a disagreeable sports rival and a disgusting subway groper in evil ways. However, we also see the passionate torment she inflicts on her family, and the horrifying disturbance she feels inside herself, as well. 

The priest characters are also unusually unpredictable 

The more youthful priest, Father Tomas, is somewhat less interesting—he has some old temptations blurring his judgment that become increasingly conspicuous as the show progresses, however, he’s generally in “What the hell is going on?” mode consistently, the perfect crowd surrogate. The (slightly) more seasoned priest, Father Marcus, is the show’s best character; he’s been battling demons for the Catholic Church since he was just a kid, yet of late he’s been spending just as much time fighting the congregation itself. Furthermore, with the devilish presence on Earth on the rise (Casey is only one block in a developing wall), he’s starting to understand a more prominent conspiracy is in the air. 

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