How to Get Rid of Stress During this Lockdown

by Aditi

The Coronavirus has not only killed numbers of people but because of this there is a worldwide lockdown and this lockdown is creating a mental problem. People are out of work, they have nothing to do and which is creating stress for everyone. And because of that domestic violence is rising and people are losing their temper.

Here we have five best way to release your stress so that you can save yourself by going into mental trauma.

Laugh your heart  out

The best way to release tension is to laugh and make others laugh. Actually, laughing increases the immunity of the body, oxygen reaches all the parts of the body. This keeps the mood fresh. There is no tension.

Sleep well

Many times sleep does not complete due to work pressure and this causes irritability. So take 7–8 hours of sleep every day. Excessive sleep will relieve fatigue, mind will be happy. Also, you will get relief from diseases caused by bad lifestyle.

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Groom your hobbies

A good way to relieve stress is to groom your hobbies in the moments of leisure. This distracts you from stupid things, you also learn something new. Learning new skills gives an opportunity to present themselves in a new form and also increases confidence.

Time management

Time management is a good way to relieve stress. So start every day by making a list of important tasks. Also, set a time for every task and try to complete every task on time. This will also tackle work on time and will not cause stress.


Spend time with your children

Spend time with children when you feel stressed. Try to play and talk with them. Their innocent sayings and smiling faces will remove the tension from you in no time.