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Google Is Going To Discontinue This Service; Backup Your Data Before October

by Shatakshi Gupta

Google has announced the closure of its popular Google Play Music service.  The Google Play Music service is first shutting down in countries like New Zealand, South Africa from September.  After this, in all other regions, this service will be stopped from the month of October.  As per to the Google, by December this service will be completely stopped.  After this, users will not be able to use the content of Google Play Music nor transfer it. In this way, users using Google Play Music should save all their data on the app before 1st October.  Google has announced that the company will not accept any payment for this service from the month of September onwards.  Also, users will not be able to download it from the Play Store.

  YouTube Music will be available as a replacement for Google Play Music

 According to reports from The Verge, Google will now only run the YouTube Music service.  Along with this, YouTube Music service will be made available by Google as a replacement for Google Play Music.  YouTube music service has been started a few months ago by Google. 

According to the company, the user interface of YouTube Music is quite easy to use.  It is exactly like Google Music Play.  If you open the YouTube Music app for the first time, you will see many similarities on the screen.  The company has recently added a transfer tool to YouTube Music, which is exactly like Google Play Music.

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YouTube Music will be pre-installed on the new device

 According to Google, a notice has been issued to stop Google Play Music several times already.  According to the company, as long as this service is not stopped, users can continue to use it.  If users buy a new Android 10 based smartphone, they will now get the YouTube Music app pre-installed instead of Google Play Music.

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