Massive Surge in Online Betting as IPL 2021 nears

by TrendingNews Desk

2020 was a bad year for the sports industry, which saw leagues and tournaments cancelled all over the world, including right here in India.

Cricket fans across the country were questioning if the most anticipated cricket league Indian Premier League (IPL) would be back on the pitch this year or not.

Thankfully, 2021 has some good news in store for cricket fans. Earlier this year the BCCI announced the intention to host IPL in India. The recent IPL auction event has assured anxious fans that the cricket festival will indeed be back this year.

COVID-19 put a lot of restrictions on the IPL 2020 tournaments, and fans who couldn’t travel to the UAE or witness the matches at the stadium missed out on the IPL experience entirely.

For the upcoming IPL 2021, the fourteenth installment of the tournament, the BCCI is trying its best to organise the league tournament with a promise of full enjoyment to cricket fans.

For the upcoming IPL 2021, it is yet to be decided if fans will be allowed in the stadium. BCCI is considering limiting the audience size to 50% of the stadium capacity. However, the final decision will be taken based on the success of the vaccine in India.

IPL and Online Betting

In recent years, IPL and online betting have become synonymous. Online IPL betting has always seen great interest from Indian players and betting enthusiasts.

IPL is usually covered by all the leading sports betting sites available in India. Several sportsbooks offer lucrative welcome bonuses and free bets. Indian players can make use of these offers to get the best bang for their money.

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The Online Betting Surge

Since sports were pretty much canceled for most of 2020, the online sports betting industry was equally non-existent. This meant that many players who enjoy placing bets on their favorite sporting events on a regular basis were left with nothing to bet on.

However, now that sports are back on the program, a regular surge in online betting activities has been observed. It’s almost as if betting enthusiasts are placing even more bets than before, in order to make up for the time they were unable to bet online.

And now that IPL 2021 has officially been announced, this increase in online betting activity across India is unlikely to slow down anytime soon.

So why is online betting experiencing such a massive surge in 2021?

The explanation behind the massive increase in online betting activity in India (as well as the rest of the world) can be explained by the coronavirus pandemic and the ensuing lockdowns.

Most people are struck at home with very few options for recreational activities, because most things are closed in order to respect the health regulations and social distancing guidelines.

However, sports are still being played (albeit without spectators), so people have the ability to sit at home and bet on the many different sporting events without leaving their house.

It’s an easy hobby that is easy to get started with, and it doesn’t require anything but a mobile phone and an internet connection.

2021 looks like it’s going to be a big year in sports, both domestically and internationally, so we can expect that 2021 is going to be a record year for online betting activity here in India.