Meet Rajasthan family that makes special jewellery out of the clay

by Madhvi Bansal

Adorning body with jewellery is something that is being followed since the evolution of the world. People love to wear different types of jewelleries to accentuate their style and looks. You may have seen gold, silver, platinum and alloy jewellery, tassel jewellery, oxidised jewellery and floral jewellery as well but only few people are aware of the clay jewellery. This type of jewellery is made up of clay and you can find it in Rajasthan. There is a family in Barmer, Rajasthan that can make heads turn with their exquisite art of making jewellery out of clay.

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Family is taking the tradition ahead

The family has been into the profession of making clay jewellery since 40 years. To take the family legacy forward, Zamim and Arbab have now started teaching the art of making clay jewellery to their children. The technique of crafting the perfect pieces of jewellery with clay was passed from one generation to the other generation within the family that led this family business to sustain for years. Zamin and Arbab themselves have been making jewellery since 20 years. All the designs of the clay jewellery are beautiful. 

Demand is growing among the foreign customers

The Khan Family used to sell the clay jewellery in the local markets including small villages and towns of Rajasthan, Mumbai, Udaipur, Rajkot, and Una at very low price of about Rs 20-30 per article but due to the low demand in the market, they were forced to sell them at the higher prices. However, clay jewellery is popular among the foreigners so they started exporting clay jewellery in the international market. 

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Arbab Khan said that they also sell their jewellery in the festivals organised by the governments. He added that the family makes nimboli, locket, necklace and bangles of clay which are exported to the foreign countries. The Khan Family is very optimistic about continuing the legacy of the family to many more generations. Hence, they teach the techniques and art of making clay jewellery to their children.