Mysterious Bollywood Murders

by Madhvi Bansal
Mysterious Bollywood Murders

Bollywood is the biggest industry in India. It is the Hindi film industry based in Mumbai and it is known as the purveyor of all things rich and famous. However, the industry also has its fair share of tragedy and has seen some horrific and mysterious deaths, some of which have not been solved even till date. Here is a list of major Bollywood personalities who died a gruesome death. 

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Guru Dutt died from a supposed suicide

In 1964, iconic Bollywood actor Guru Dutt was found dead from an overdose of sleeping pills and alcohol. While it was pronounced as a suicide, the real and accurate cause of his death is still uncertain. His doctor and counselor have said it was his third suicide attempt, and the one that finally succeeded. It is now known that he and his wife had distanced themselves from each other, and he had been having such morbid thoughts from a while. However, the true cause of his death remains a mystery till date. 

Silk Smitha died of poisoning

Silk Smitha was one of the most popular erotica actresses in the mid1980s. However, midway through her career she decided to pursue a new career line, that of movie production. She had acted in around 450 films in a span of 17 years. However, she was soon found dead in her apartment in 1996. It was said that she killed herself by poisoning due to her failed romances, depression, and severe dependency on alcohol. However, the true reason and cause of her death cannot be ascertained even today. 

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Divya Bharti

A very young actress at the age of 19, she still was a hit in movies like “Deewana”. She is said to have committed suicide by jumping off the 5th floor of a building. However, it is still unclear whether she jumped or she lost her balance and fell due to alcohol, or whether she was pushed by someone. 


One of the superstars of her era, Sridevi was found dead in her bathtub last year in Dubai. Though the cause of her death was ruled to be a heart attack, foul play cannot be ruled out as a possibility and several of her family members including her husband were said to have been involved.