Rain fury in Himachal Pradesh

by Madhvi Bansal
Rain fury in Himachal Pradesh

Heavy and persistent rain has cause heavy destruction in the state of Himachal Pradesh with Kullu bearing the heaviest losses. Atleast two people have died in the rain accidents in Kullu while several hundreds of people have become homeless. Floods have already made the things extreme trouble for local people and the tourists while Landslides put an additional pain.  Hundreds of people including tourists have become stranded after the rain and flood fury.

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Situation is grim in the entire Himachal 

Along with devastation cause by rain in Kullu, various rain accidents are reported in other parts of Himachal as well. Local news agency has reported that the National Highway 3 between Kullu and Manali has also submerged partially under water. This has caused extensive damages to the roads and made the traffic movements difficult. Several tourists on Sunday got stranded in Bakarthach area in Kullu. They have been rescued by the local administration group with the help of ropes. They threw the ropes to the people who got stuck in the heavy water flow on the roads and pull them to the safe places. 

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Cloudburst in bordering areas of Himachal

In addition to the consistent rainfall in Himachal Pradesh, cloudburst is another disaster that people of Himachal Pradesh have faced. In the border areas of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarkashi, cloudburst occurred.  Atleast six people had died in this accident. All the six dead bodies have been recovered by the Himachal Police and State Disaster Response Force. 

Report released by the Meteorological Department of India

On August, 18 evening, India’s Meteorological Department of India has released the warning about heavy rainfall that can receive by the state in the next few hours. The concerned department has said that in the past 24 hours, the state has received 102.5 mm of rainfall which is highest ever record in a single day. The highest rainfall of 252 mm was recorded in Bilaspur District of Himachal Pradesh.  After seeing such the grim situation of the state, the local governing authorities have shut all the schools in Shimla, Kullu and many other cities of the state.