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Twitter Launches Its New Privacy Center To Improve Transparency On User Data

by Madhvi Bansal

Twitter has launched its all-new privacy center through a dedicated website as the ‘Twitter Privacy Center’. This privacy center has been updated with a new set of rules that ensure data protection and privacy. When it comes to data protection and privacy, it is not just about the partners anymore, according to their official latest blog content. It is about every single user on Twitter and they truly believe it can bring a change. Many brands use privacy policy for name’s sake and often forget to take actions to make it transparent.

When talking about privacy in the official blog, the data protection officer mentioned that often the word ‘Privacy’ has been desensitized. Some companies pronounce this slogan “We value your privacy” in their privacy statements. But do they mean it or take required efforts to make it a reality? It is a big question, according to the blog report from twitter. But twitter believes they are possibilities to make a real change when it comes to protecting the privacy of user data.

Twitter’s Centralized Privacy Center

According to the blog, privacy is just not about ensuring your data is safe and not misused in any possible manner, but it is also about showing the users how the collected data from companies are being used. To achieve this, twitter has launched its Twitter Privacy Center a centralized platform that aims to provide more clarity on how the data are being handled and protected. To check the blog post on its newly launched privacy center and to check the Twitter privacy center itself, visit their official web portal.

This centralized privacy center will hereafter host all the data and protection related works from twitter in a more transparent manner. Here in this new dedicated link, it is possible to find new announcements, existing policies on data protection, product news that aims to improve user data and protection; latest official press releases from Twitter and much more. With this central hub, users and partners can browse and understand how it collects and they control and use the data more transparently.

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Twitter adheres to GDPR

European Union is now serious with its data protection policies and has even framed it under the GDPR. It stands for ‘General Data Protection Regulation’. With the advent of the digital revolution from the European Union, they are on a mission to create a transparent digital environment. European Union is very particular on ensuring the user data are handled correctly and also feel users should have the upper hand when it comes to what and how they share and control data. This has also made twitter to come forward to create its new privacy center and update their protection policies adhering to the European Union’s regulations.

Privacy center in its updates rules mentioned that they have separate entities when it comes to operating inside the European Union. According to the new policies, Twitter International Company is the entity that operates inside the EU. To check the new policies that adhere to the EU, there will be a dedicated page containing updated policies for GDPR. This move from twitter allows them to experiment and adapt protection rules only for the EU Twitter users alone.

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What does Twitter offer at Privacy Center?

According to Damien, the data protection officer, twitters aims to improve transparency and protection policies on track based on quarterly assessments. There will be assessments every quarter for the board of directors related to policies on data protection and privacy. The blog report has also added that the ‘Twitter privacy center’ will have 3 key areas of focus. The first area focuses on ‘Tackling technical debt’ which aims at upgrading their systems to support new uses. The second area focuses on ‘Building privacy into newly launched products’. With this idea, Twitter tries to give utmost priority to data protection and privacy of data in the design stage itself. This eliminates a greater need for new privacy policies in the future. The third key focus area will be ‘building trust with the people and being accountable with the data’.

With update policies in the privacy center, users can have improved options to control data and other associated products. Twitter is now set up to test various controls that will allow users to select and unselect certain features that are related to advertisements. Earlier this year, Twitter has even made changes to its rules related to advertising political party ads and campaigns.

Twitter Privacy center also information on how developers are using the existing data and which data are processed. Twitter even tried to clarify how the tweets are handled and the restrictions it might face based on updated policies.

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