US-China Tensions: US Orders Chinese Consulate In Houston To Close Within 72 Hours

by Shatakshi Gupta

The trade war between US and China has been intensifying regularly, after the United States started reporting the Coronavirus cases. It has been months, when US President, Donald Trump, began to accuse China of spreading the Coronavirus not only in US, but in entire world. These accusations which were already deepening the tensions between the US and China, further intensified, recently, after US added Chinese tech giant, Huawei to its trade blacklist. And now Huawei stands banned from the acquisition of technologies from the US firms. And now the Chinese tech giant will require the government approval for the same.

This move escalated existing trade tensions between the US and China. When US charged China that the Chinese hackers attempted of stealing the vaccine research data from the country.

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These tensions between the two superpowers are now actually heading more and more towards a new kind of Cold War or rather, it can also be called as the new tech war. On 22nd July, the United States ordered China to close down its consulate in Houston, Texas, within 72 hours. Not only this, US further accused China for intensifying its spying operations against it.

China showed a strong and tough response against, this announcement which was made on Wednesday, China warned America of its retaliation, if America denies to take back its order.   Significantly, tensions between China and the United States has been increasing in the recent times on several issues, like the ones ranging from trade to the coronavirus epidemic. Further over the matters like, aggressiveness and assemblage of Chinese vassals in the South China Sea.

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State Department spokesman Morgan Ortagus told reporters, “We have directed the closure of the Consulate in Houston to protect American intellectual property and personal information of Americans.”  He also said that Vienna said that it is the duty of the states of the Treaty of Vienna not to interfere in the internal affairs of other states”, when US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo visited Copenhagen.

Significantly, China’s anger at this move of the US can be clearly viewed. China has described it as a politically inflammatory move, saying that it will spoil the diplomatic relations of the two countries.  China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman, Wang Wenbin, said that he was informed on Tuesday that he would have to close the consulate.

Wenbin said, “China urges America to withdraw its wrong decision immediately, otherwise China will take necessary and appropriate steps against it.”  The spokesman said, “This is a unilateral political provocative move by the US, which seriously violates international law and the bilateral consular agreement between the two countries.”  He said that China strongly criticises this move of America because it is an unfair step, which will spoil the relationship between the two countries.