US man creates Singularity App, Women here can date only him

by Madhvi Bansal
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US man creates Singularity App,

US men created a dating app as he was tired of dating apps that were available on the internet. He wanted to find a partner through a dating app. Aaron Smith is from North Carolina, created a dating app with a title singularity. Women could register themselves on this app, each woman who registered was supposed to contact a single guy Aaron Smith. They had no other option even the working of the app was explained through a video. The video had features like swapping left if they want to ignore the profile and swapping right if they were keen to date the person. Even there was an option of super like to.
Aaron Smith, the US guy experienced how dating online was becoming terrible with each passing year. Singularity is the best solution for all the chaos created by online dating.
The US guy who is just 32 years old works on the app, updating it with some of his latest photos and some changes in his profile. The idea behind creating an app was to eliminate other competitors.
Just to prove the worth of his app he even says if life gives you lemon you should make lemonade and you should be aware that no companies could produce lemonade or other drinks so that everywhere your lemonade is popular and available. Here the app works on the same strategy mentioned above. When no other male will be available on the app expect Aaron all the females will contact him and he will have the widest scope for dating. Women who sign up for the singularity will meet the rotating collection of pictures that feature the guy.
Smith’s engineer friend Scott McDowell was sympathizing with him as he did not appreciate his friend’s idea. He even said that online dating sucks most of the people.

Aaron Smith also mentioned about youtube channel where he posted footage from rock concert and music sessions just to attract more people. On the same channel, he uploaded an Ad for his app Singularity.
Appreciating his channel the guy says Aaron Smith, you can meet people the old fashioned way by outside but while dating online you need not take your partner anywhere. At the same time, he mentions that his app saves countless hours of swapping.

He also says that love makes you do crazy things. And the more desperate one is the more crazy ideas come to your mind. Aaron Smith, he is crazy and feels that the only way for him to find love is not to sign up for another dating app but to create his app.


Singularity- is technically not an app, it works on mobile web browsers, here every time you have to swipe right to open the app and at once you can see the pictures of the Aaron Smith.

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Youtube channel

His youtube channel “Aaron loves Gear” reveals a lot about his personality and personal choice.
A commercial on youtube says that dating is terrible and nonsensical as we go on using this. Though it is an old fashioned way of meeting people and going out with them but is not practical. For dating, you have to go out just to meet each other, to know about each other, to know the person’s likes or dislikes and his or her behavior.
But with online dating, things are not so natural. You may be chatting face to face but still, there are so many things about which you are not aware. For dating, you are mostly using a smartphone and you become closer to each other day by day but still, you can’t be very sure about the person you are talking to.
Dating apps are not completely useless but after dating for a long time you get fed up with it.