World at a glance! Top 10 International News Of This Week

by Shatakshi Gupta
  • Next week, it’s possible that Gotabaya Rajapaksa, the former president of Sri Lanka, may visit the country. The relative of Gotabaya was mentioned in the Sri Lankan daily Daily Mirror as suggesting that he would return to the nation on August 24. Moreover, Gotabaya Rajapaksa has applied for a green card so he can live in the US.
  • The population of Russia is dwindling. Vladimir Putin, the president of the nation, is irate over this. For a solution to this dilemma, he has advised women to have ten children. Women will receive 1 billion rubles, or 13 lakh rupees, for completing this. A prize called “Mother Heroine” will also be presented to women who give birth to 10 children. During the Second World War, women received this honour as well. Even at that time the population of Russia was declining rapidly.
  • Ajit Doval, the NSA of India, is in Russia for two days. He met Nikolai Patrushev, a Russian security expert, on Wednesday. It is assumed that during this time, discussions regarding the war in Russia-Ukraine, terrorism, and Afghanistan took place. Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, is also anticipated to meet Doval.
  • On Wednesday evening, a bomb went off at a mosque in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, killing 20 people. Additionally, there are reports of 40 persons suffering injuries. The explosion happened during Maghrib prayers at the “Abubakir Sediq” mosque in Kabul’s Khairkhana neighbourhood, according to the Tolo TV Telegram channel.
  • All menstrual products will be provided free to women in Scotland. The Scottish Parliament passed a statute in this area in 2020. Any woman can now simply obtain free sanitary napkins and other period supplies here. Scotland is become the first nation in the world to give women access to this facility.
  • The residence of former US President Donald Trump was searched by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). According to media sources, searches were made for crucial items including nuclear documentation. Donald Trump, a former US president, claims that the FBI seized three of his passports during a raid at his Mar-a-Lago home. Additionally, he said that FBI agents had taken 15 boxes of papers, including some sensitive material, from his home.
  • The Chinese military has increased military drills to threaten Taiwan ever before US congressmen arrived in Taipei. Between Monday and Wednesday of this exercise, five warships and 22 Chinese fighter planes crossed the Taiwanese border.

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  • Tuesday morning, the Chinese espionage ship Yuan Wang-5 arrived in Sri Lanka’s Hambantota Port. The spy ship will be in port from August 16 to August 22. Up to 750 miles afar, it can simply monitor. Intercontinental missiles and five satellites can both be tracked by Yuan Wang. Earlier, it was predicted that this Chinese ship will arrive in Hambantota on August 11. India had complained to Sri Lanka over this due to the possibility of espionage.
  • On social media, a video showing Sanna Marin, the prime minister of Finland, partying with some individuals has received a lot of shares. In a private apartment, Marin is dancing ferociously with a group of individuals. The video allegedly began life as an Instagram Stories post before being leaked and going viral.
  • On Monday, a court in the military-run nation of Myanmar increased opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi’s sentence by six years. She was found guilty this time around of many corruption-related offences. Suu Kyi is charged with misusing her power by renting out public land below market value and constructing a home there with funds obtained under the guise of charity. In four incidents, she received a three-year term each. Three cases’ sentences will run concurrently. On charges of sedition, corruption, and other offences, she has already received a sentence of 11 years in prison.