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Worldwide Situation of the Pandemic, “COVID – 19”

by Shatakshi

COVID-19 or rather the Coronavirus continues to be the attention seeker of the entire world. On the rapid rate, the number of infected individuals is also rising all over the world.

Here, we have now seen that on being too stringent with their countrymen China had now been able to “Flatten the Curve”, which means now comparatively lesser number of new cases are being reported from China, and also the number of deaths in this country too had reduced from what they were actually having earlier. Though the government of China was earlier considered to be too harsh and uncompromising to their people, and also where everyone was just critical of China’s measures, are all now proven wrong as the country had been able to reduce the number of new cases drastically.

Now the problems are escalating for the European countries especially for Italy, as the country had already left China behind in the number of deaths. Where China had communicated total deaths to be around 3253, Italy had reported it to 3407 in number yet.

Let us now have a look over some statistics of how the number of cases have been increasing rapidly in countries like Italy, Iran, Spain and so on

  • Italy

Week 1 – 3

Week 2 – 152

Week 3 – 1036

Week 4 – 6362

Week 5 – 21157

Week 6 – 41035

  • Iran

Week 1 – 2

Week 2 – 43

Week 3 – 245

Week 4 – 4747

Week 5 – 12729

Week 6 – 18407

  • Spain

Week 1 – 8

Week 2 – 674

Week 3 – 6043

Week 4 – 17147

  • France

Week 1 – 12

Week 2 – 191

Week 3 – 653

Week 4 – 4499

Week 5 – 10877

  • United States of America

Week 1 – 2

Week 2 – 105

Week 3 – 613

Week 4 – 10442

  • India

Week 1 – 3

Week 2 – 24

Week 3 – 105

Week 4 – 236

If we now just compare the number of cases which all the above-mentioned countries have reported to date, they are so much higher if we compare them to that of India.

These stats tell us the trend that the number of reported cases is increasing at a rapid rate, thus the coming weeks are a lot more crucial for India. If we want ourselves as well as our country to be safe and be protected against the Coronavirus then we must strictly abide by all the guidelines which are been told repeatedly by the government.

We are now listening to the term “SOCIAL DISTANCING” repetitively by our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, also by many other leaders around the world. As we all know that this disease is such highly contagious so here we need to refrain ourselves from engaging into any kind of gatherings as well as we must tell others to do the same because we still have that chance in our hands to take these precautionary measures and also a chance to learn from all those mistakes which were actually made by the countries like Italy, as well as Iran; which had led them to this condition.

For the containment of the spread of this disease, Prime Minister on 20th March 2020 made an announcement of “JANTA CURFEW” on 22nd March 2020 from 7 am to 9 pm; this curfew had been requested to be implemented as the self-imposed curfew by the Prime Minister.

We must understand the seriousness of this pandemic and should avoid any kind of social contact as well as any kind of social gatherings that are like a delight for these viruses to spread more and more. Right now the situation could still be controlled as it is in phase two, but if we all will not carry out this practice of Social distancing then it may not take time for this disease to move into the third phase, that is the community phase; which would then be much more difficult to control.

The governments of all the states are also taking all the necessary steps in this direction of closing down places of social gatherings like malls, schools, colleges, etc. Local authorities to have a meeting with traders associations and other stakeholders to regulate hours, exhibit Do’s and Don’ts and take up a communication drive-in market places like sabzi mandi, anaj mandi, bus depots, railway stations, post-offices, etc., where essential services are provided. There is also a number of events which had now been postponed till 15th April 2020.

Now when the government had closed all such places, there are a number of people who are rather taking these social distancing measures of government as a chance for there holiday tours and vacations. This is where all of us as responsible citizens must actually realize the importance and seriousness of these steps taken by the government. As all the ceremonies whether it be marriage or any other family function; all of them can be postponed; because if now you are trying your luck then you never know it can even cost you, your own life. So it would be better not only for you but also for all those around you that, you stay inside your home and avoid going outside your houses as much as possible. All commercial activities must keep a distance of one meter between customers. Measures to reduce peak hour crowding in markets.

 Non-essential travel should be avoided. Buses, Trains, and airplanes to maximize social distancing in public transport besides ensuring regular and proper disinfection of surfaces.

This time with which our country is growing is actually going to turn even more crucial in the upcoming days, so it is time for us to now be a responsible citizen and follow all the guidelines which are provided to us by our government.

Also, you must create awareness among people around you, also tell them to take all the precautionary measures required. Remember that being precarious is not being into any kind of panic.

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