8-years old kid in Germany takes moms car for joyride

by Madhvi Bansal
Car for joyride

In Germany, a mother of 8-years old kid informed police that her son took off on a ride in their automatic Volkswagen Golf car from their residence. The boy was found on a motorway after he drove the car of his mom at the speed of 140 kmph. He stole his mom’s car to enjoy the joyride and was found on the motorway while he was heading toward Dortmund. After this incident, he has been put for the psychological counselling. 

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Report about the kid who is driving at the high speed

According to the Police, another motorist reported that he saw a child driving the car at a very high speed in the say. He added that red signals and traffic regulations were violated by the child motorist. After this report, the Police began their search for the vehicle however they got no success as the child had drove the vehicle out of the town. The child was found on the way to Dortmund where the vehicle got crashed into the rear of the truck that was parked at the rest stop. Though, nobody was injured but the car got damaged badly.

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The kid just wanted to go on joyride

Police reported that the same boy said that he just wanted to go on a little drive after he stolen the keys of his mom’s car at midnight. He felt uncomfortable after driving the car at the speed of around 140 kmph so he pulled the car over to the side of the road and turned on the hazard lights. The boy drive bumper car and regularly go karting and had also driven a car in the private property. But it was the first time when he took the car out on the road. 

No criminal charges on the boy

Driving the car at such a high speed at midnight made the boy to pose danger for other drivers at night. However, there will be no criminal charges against him. Police said that psychological counselling will be provided to the kid so that his behaviour can be controlled.