Coronavirus Lockdown- Air Quality Improves in Over 90 cities

by Aditi
air pollution

The countrywide lockdown happened due to coronavirus outbreak, which has reduced vehicular traffic across the country. Over 90 cities, including Delhi, have witnessed minimal air pollution in the last few days.

By seeing this major reduction in pollution, environmentalists requested the government to treat it as a “wake-up call” and stop its “obsession” with “development”  on the cost of the environment.

The whole nation is currently under the biggest lockdown in history with around 130 crore people are advised to stay inside in the leu of COVID-19 Outbreak.  The government urged the netizens to avoid unnecessary travel, remarkably reducing the traffic across the nation.

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According to the Weather Forecasting And Research (SAFAR) and Centre-run System of Air Quality, the steps taken by the government against the COVID-19 has led to a drop in PM 2.5 by 30% in Delhi and by 15% in Ahmadabad and Pune. The level of Nitrogen Oxide pollution, which cause respiratory issues, has also seen reducing.  It is mainly happened because of high motor transports. It is believed that the air quality now comes in a ‘good’ category and it is healthiest to breathe.

The air quality of Delhi comes in the “good” category while the Kanpur which has pollution rates comes in the “satisfactory”  category, according to the report of the Central Pollution Control Board.