Alibaba Co-founder Jack Ma to Donate Masks and Coronavirus Test Kits to the US

by Madhvi Bansal

Chinese billionaire Jack Ma recently dreaded on one of his post on Twitter that he is donating one million masks and 5,00,000 testing kits to the United States. He donated 2 million masks to European countries as well. He did this before as well for other countries too. In Italy, his first shipment got delivered of test kits, medical supplies and 5,00,000 masks for the one’s who are suffering to coronavirus. They reached on Friday at Liege Airport in Belgium. Jack Ma added in one of his post that we can’t beat this coronavirus but we can take precautions against it to save ourselves and our family members. The face masks and testing kits have been prepared and ready to deliver, he said one of his tweet on Friday.

As we all know that China is the biggest supplier of face masks. But they are also facing a shortage at this critical time and buying from different world suppliers. In order to help his own country as well as another country, Jack Ma provides a big hand of help.

Donald Trump declared a medical emergency and then after a few hours of this Jack Ma’s tweet came up. On March 2, Ma donated one million masks to Japan and attempt a shipment on March 6 to Iran as well. He sending those kits and masks to other countries as well. On March 11 he shared one of his posts mentioned that one million masks are testing kits will be going to Europe and in Belgium first batch will arrive by next week. For Italy and Spain, he shared his plane in order to donate the required equipment for the people who are affecting by a coronavirus.

We all have to forget our grudges and have to help each other in this critical time. We all stood together and fight against this virus. This is something huge our mankind is faced in am era of globalization. This is not the right time to blame each other but we can make hand in hand and hope for the best for every country. Currently, we can help each other by sharing resources and exchange counter-epidemic experiences and lessons. In January, Jack Ma donated 100 million yuan in order to help scientists so that they can develop vaccines against this virus.

Yesterday a Beijing person said that Wuhan is the reason for this virus. The core of coronavirus is Wuhan while US politicians named it ‘Wuhan Virus’ or “Chinese Coronavirus”. After noticing the increment of cases in China, Beijing is now rejecting that Wuhan is the core of this virus. Foreign minister Zhao Lijian said on his tweet on Thursday that it might be US army who brought the epidemic to Wuhan. But this statement of him is without any evidence. Then on Friday, he posted a link of an article from the website known for publishing conspiracy theories about the 9/11 attacks.

Among all these happenings, the self-made billionaire Jack Ma posted on his twitter the most powerful slogan of Benjamin Franklin, one of the US founding fathers – “ United we stand, Divided we fall”.

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