Canadian PM’s Wife Tested Positive for Coronavirus

by Shatakshi Gupta

World health organization declared COVID- 19(Coronavirus)  a pandemic on March 10th. The virus has affected more than 1.3 lakh people across the world and more 3500 deaths have been reported to date. The virus has not only affected common man but VIPs are also getting affected by this deadly virus. As per some of the reports, the top brass of Iran has been affected by the virus and recently, the wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, tested positive for the virus after she showed mild symptoms.

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, wife of Canadian Prime Minister gets affected by COVID- 19 after returning from a trip of UK where she had attended a charity event, where more than 12,000 people were gathered at Wembley Arena. There she also met with former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard and singer Leona Lewis. At the event, some other celebrities were also present including celeb chef Jamie Oliver,  Idris Elba and F1 race champion Lewis Hamilton. After the test came positive, the Canadian PM office issued a statement that “She will remain in isolation for the time being. She is feeling well, is taking all the recommended precautions and her symptoms remain mild. The prime minister will continue to fully assume his duties and will address Canadians tomorrow (Friday)”

After the test Sophie Grégoire Trudeau said  “Although I’m experiencing uncomfortable symptoms of the virus, I will be back on my feet soon. We will get through this situation together. Please share the facts and take your health seriously.” A team of doctors is now looking after her and they will also trace people those who had met Mrs. Trudeau to avoid further spread.

PM office has assured that Prime Minister Trudeau is in good health and does not show any symptoms, also it is unlikely to test PM for the virus. The couple will remain in self-isolation for 14 days. Justin Trudeau is also in self-isolation as a precautionary measure. He postponed all his meetings with provincial premiers and now will talk to them over a phone call.

Till date, more than 100 people have tested positive for the infection in various provinces of Canada. On Wednesday the Canadian government has announced 1 billion Canadian dollar coronavirus response fund to deal with this fatal pandemic. Prime Minister also assured Canadians that his government is dedicatedly fighting with the menace of the virus, moreover, he urged his people to remain calm and follow the guidelines issued by the health department to suppress the further spread of Coronavirus.

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