7 Reasons Why Arvind Kejriwal-Led AAP Won

by Madhvi Bansal

Delhi assembly poll results are out and Arvind Kejriwal led AAP has won for the third consecutive time. The journey to confirm the victory in the National capital’s assembly was not so easy for the Aam Admi Party. BJP ended up at the second distance while Congress drew blank. The long battle has now come to an end and here are the top 7 reasons why Arvind Kejriwal led AAP won:

  1. AAP had a face for CM while BJP did not

Arvind Kejriwal remained the popular face for the post of CM. This had given a sense of trust to the voters as they had a face they could rely on. Luke 2017 in UP, BJP fought the elections without Chief Ministerial face.

  • AAP promised ‘freebies’

Opposition parties of AAP in Delhi have always criticized for giving freebies to the people of Delhi. AAP has promised subsidies on electricity and free bus and metro rides to women. By offering such kind of freebies, Kejriwal has been able to at least attract a number of women voters. Results of the Delhi Assembly elections 2020 showed that the gap between male and female voters has narrowed to record a minimum of 0.07%.

  • AAP leaders showed sense and sensibility

Either BJP leaders or Congress leaders, both have faced the problems due to the presence of uncontrolled motor mouths. Some of the BJP leaders jeopardized the image of the party with their meaningless speeches. They delivered inflammatory and controversial speeches too. On the other hand, AAP leaders, however, were careful in choosing their words. They gave equal weightage to every statement they put out.

  • Different campaign style

AAP had tried their best to avoid indulging in the mud-slinging activities. They were rather more focused on taking the review of their own work done in Delhi. They were also careful in delivering speeches. On the contrary, BJP followed their tried and tested approach that is based on nationalism. They focus on Ayodhya verdict and abrogation of Article 370in Jammu and Kashmir which had least impressed Delhiites to vote for the party.

  • AAP focus on their own report card

Instead of focusing  on what others have not done, AAP chooses to focus on their own ‘report card’. AAP leaders including Arvind Kejriwal never shied to showcase the works done by his party in the past five years. Arvind Kejriwal had even asked Delhiites during the election campaign, to vote for AAP only if they believe that work had been done by the AAP government in the last five years.

  • Different stance of AAP and BJP on CAA, NRC

On the entire CAA and NRC fiasco, AAP and BJP took the opposite approach. AAP leaders had remained silent and took the moderate stance whenever the questions about CAA and NRC arose. BJP, on the other hand had always attacked anti CAA and anti NRC protests with vehement voice. BJP leaders were seen arguing for the controversial topics and aggressive while criticizing. Their different approaches let the voters decide the party they want to have in power.

  • Improved education sector

AAP government has brought unprecedented changes in the education sector in Delhi. Right from the changes in the school infrastructure to providing training to the teachers,  attention to interaction with the parents and check on the private school fees had let the voters choose AAP once again.

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