Finally, Sonu Sood Revealed, Why He Left ‘Manikarnika’ In Between?

by Shatakshi Gupta

Kangana Ranaut’s film ‘Manikarnika’ had been in the news ever since its release.  The film first made headlines when there was a dispute between its director Krish and Kangana.  Kangana herself became the director of the film with considerable conflict.  Sonu Sood was earlier playing an important role in this film but left the film in between.  Now he talked about it.  Sonu told that he had taken this step with great grief because Kangana had cut 80% scenes of Sonu.

 In an interview with Barkha Dutt, Sonu was asked why he left it even after the film was shot.  To this Sonu replied that Kangana is a friend and he did not want to hurt her feelings.  Sonu said that Kangana wanted his help while directing the film.  He was also ready for this.  But when Sonu saw that his 80 per cent scenes were cut and to this Kangana said that she wants to shoot them again, then he decided to leave the project. He said that he gave 4 months to the film, during this time he had lost many other projects.

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 Sonu says, “ You are my good friend but I am not comfortable in doing what you are saying because I said yes to the old script and the director.” So he thought it better to leave the project. He did not even talk about it. He said “ I was very sad but I did not say anything. I did not have any problem with the female director, have worked with Farah.”

 When Sonu left the film, there were reports that Sonu did not want to work under a female director.  To this Sonu replied that he had no problem with the female director as he had also worked with Farah Khan.