Bollywood Actress Kangana Ranaut Gets Y+ Security, Let Us See The Different Type Of Securities

by Shatakshi Gupta

Bollywood actress Kangana, known for her audacity, has been in the limelight for the past few days due to her statement in the suicide case of Sushant Rajput.  The statement she made about Mumbai was also commented by people associated with the film industry.  Her father had raised concerns about her safety in Mumbai. After this, the Union Home Ministry has provided her with the Y-class security. 

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Today in this article we will talk about the different type of securities in India. There are five categories of protection in our country which the Union Ministry of Home Affairs provides.  The number of security personnel is also decided according to the different category.  In which category and under what circumstances does one get security. 

The matter of protection of VIPs is given to Union Ministry of Home Affairs.  The Ministry of Home Affairs has been reviewing VIP security from time to time.  Accordingly, security is reduced or increased at regular intervals.  Apart from SPG, there are X, Y, Z and Z + security in the country for VIP protection. 

Structure of VIP security in the country                    

SPG Security

 The Special Protection Group or SPG is the highest level of the security forces in the country, which is provided to a very limited number of people.  SPG has four levels of protection. In this protected person is surrounded by Intelligence officers. Very few persons are eligible for this security, such as President, Vice President, Prime Minister, Former President.

Z + Security

 Z+ is the second category of VIP security in the country after SPG.  Z Plus has three levels of protection.  A total of 36 security personnel are provided under this. These include 10 NSG special commandos, who handle the first round or first-level security.  After this, other NSG personnel take care of the security of the second layer.  The responsibility of the third circle is to include personnel from paramilitary forces like ITBP, CRPF, CISF etc.  Z+ security is generally given to the Union ministers 

 Z Security

This is the number three VIP security in the country.  Z Security consists of a total of 22 personnel.  Of these, four-five are special commandos of the NSG, who specialize in many disciplines of close combat.  These commandos are adept at combating the enemy without a weapon.  For this, they are given special training.  An escort vehicle is also involved in security.  In addition to the NSG commando troop, Z security also includes Delhi Police or CRPF personnel. 

 Y Security

 Y category security is the most common, coming fourth in VIP security.  Most VIPs are provided with Y-class security by the Union Home Ministry.  It consists of a total of 11 Commandos.  It consists of one or two commanders, two PSOs and the remaining paramilitary forces personnel.

X Security

This is the initial security system offered to VIPs.  The X category consists of only two security personnel.  One of these is also a PSO.