Bridging the communication gap between older and younger generation: Here is How to Do It

by Mahima Bhatnagar
communication gap between old and new

Since the mass popularity of the internet and social media, the communication gap between the older and younger generation has widened. All of us have heard it many times said that old ideas are a secret weapon. To receive those old ideas one needs to communicate more frequently with older people.

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The experience our elders possess could go in vain if that gets not imparted to the younger generation. It is the time of gadgets and social media, face to face communication has received a severe blow ever since internet-based communication began to gain momentum.

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It is not at all a good sign as it means loss of age-old wisdom, understanding of human values and shared experiences across the cultures. Millennial generation values internet-mediated communication over face to face interaction, but older generation values later over the former.

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If we strike a balance between the two extremes, chances are the two can come together and communicate more freely with one another. Here are a few ways to bridge the communication gap between the older and younger generation.

Best Ways to Approach Generation Gap in the Workplace

For businesses, it is especially imperative to try to bring older and younger employees closer. It is necessary for the company to have a smooth transition to modern advanced technology, for that millennial generation is the perfect fit.

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But at the same time, the company has to maintain its integrity, value system and care for human relations. Businesses don`t deal with technology on behalf of human relationships. Businesses deal with human relations, values, aspirations, and faith. Technology is there to render the service more efficiently. After all, it is people to people interaction, transaction, and exchanges of mutual trust companies thrive on. That is why older employees are indispensable in the workplace.

So, here is how to bridge the workplace age gap:

1) Appreciate Similarities, Ignore Differences

It is always the best policy to bring similarities to fore and sideline differences.  It allows your employees, young and old, to focus on values each member of the team brings to the company. The aftermath of such an approach is open-mindedness and inclusive work culture.

2) Create Open Communication Platforms

For a proper appreciation of different ideas and different perspectives, open communication is a must. Organize events, workshops, employee interaction sessions for young and old to share the same platform exchange ideas more freely.

3) Establish Teams

Let your younger employee team up with the older one so that both get a chance to learn from the experiences of one another. Learning material will come not from the old alone, younger employees may also have many skills to impart to the older generation, especially in matters of technology.