CBSE made ‘experimental learning’ mandatory for teachers on DIKSHA portal

by Shatakshi Gupta

The Central Board of Secondary Education will impart teachers with additional training in experiential learning through DIKSHA platform.

DIKSHA Portal is an initiative of HRD ministry for providing a digital platform to a teacher to make their lifestyle more digital.  Portal was launched with a tagline “National Digital Infrastructures for Our Teacher Our Teacher”. A teacher can learn and train himself for which assessment resources will be available.

After announcing the course, Union Minister of Human Resource Development (HRD) Mr Ramesh Pokhriyal, tweeted,  “When our teachers are equipped with 21st-century skills, it becomes easier for our children to absorb and learn those competencies.”

The announced training course is offered by CBSE in collaboration with Tata Trust. This course is helpful for both teachers and school administrators including principals. Mr Pokhriyal asked teachers to join the programme and learn from it. Union Minister said “I would request them all to join this incredible course. Let’s strive to make the learning process for our students more joyful, reflective, and multidisciplinary”.

The course is available on DIKSHA Portal to get enrolled in the course. In an official circular, CBSE made this mandatory for all the teachers and school leaders associated with CBSE. Teachers are obligated to download the app and sign-in through their accounts to take the course. After completion of the course, they will be conferred with a certificate. CBSE is planning to organise regional webinars for the hub leaders or lead collaborators in the same.

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The rationale behind it given by  CBSE is “Educationists world over have realised that education has to take many leaps forward for a world where children are emotionally and physically resilient to face the challenges of a different world to come. For this, we need to create opportunities for children to learn the skills and competencies for the 21st century that correspond to both livelihood and well-being.”

The circular further stated “To promote experiential learning pedagogy in schools, CBSE in association with Tata Trust has developed an interactive course on ‘experiential learning’ for teachers and school leaders. It will sensitise educators to implement it in their classrooms and make learning more joyful, reflective and multidisciplinary.”