‘Dancing sir’ of Odisha wins internet with unique teaching style. Watch

by Madhvi Bansal
Dancing sir

Another video getting viral on Internet is of a teacher who can be seen teaching in a unique style.  The teacher sprints in the classroom, sways his hips, sprawls on the floor and gesticulate while singing from the book. This type of teaching method of a teacher from Odisha is now winning the hearts of the netizens for all the right reasons. The video was captured in Lamtaput upper primary school in Koraput district of Odisha. 

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Teaching is made easier

It is easier to become teacher but difficult to become a good teacher. The In-charge headmaster of Lamtaput Upper Primary School, Prafulla Kumar Pathi teaches to students in his unique style. The best of is that the students also get involve in the class and recite the lessons in unison. This enable Praffulla Kumar being a teacher to make the learning process easier and interesting for the students. The involvement of the students is also at the highest in the class of Prafulla Kumar

 The ‘Dancing Sir’

Praffulla Kumar has been teaching to the students in his unique style since 2008 when he was employed as the resource person with Sarva Siksha Abhiyan. It is his teaching style that made students to call him ‘Dancing Sir’ and now he is popular by the same name given to him by his students.  

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 An attempt to make the learning fun

According to Praffulla Kumar, teaching should be fun rather than being monotonous. This helps the students to get inclined towards studies. He said that he devised his own mode of education. When he started teaching through songs and dance, he found that kids were more interested in studies. Hence, he started teaching through singing and dancing. He doesn’t mind if he has to make various sounds or sprawl on the floor to teach the students. 

Unusual and energetic way of teaching

The ‘Dancing Sir’ said, “When I enter the classroom, I also tend to keep the students physically active as there is a chance of falling asleep after having mid-day meal. The dancing by students ensures that they do not fall asleep during class hours”. He generally converts all  the lessons into the sequence of the song and practice them well before coming to school. At the school, he sings and dances on all those lessons to make it easier for the students to learn.