Dawood Ibrahim: World’s Most Wanted Don Is Now Under The Scanner, Pakistan revealed His Whereabouts

by Shatakshi Gupta

Not only India but the whole world was shaken by the 13 bomb blasts in 1993 in India’s financial capital Mumbai.  In this terrorist incident, 350 people died and more than 1200 people were injured. The man behind these blasts was Dawood Ibrahim.  In 2003, the Indian government met the US government and declared Dawood Ibrahim as a global terrorist.  Although India has showcased evidence many times, Pakistan has always denied his presence in their country, but eventually, Pakistan falls into its own trap. 

To avoid the inclusion into the ‘Grey List’ of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), Pakistan has released a list of 88 terrorist organizations and their masters whom it has claimed to ban.  By including Dawood’s name in this list, Pakistan has accepted that India’s culprit is living comfortably on Pakistani soil.  See here, what Pakistan disclosed about Dawood.

Dawood is a Citizen of India

 In the documents that Pakistan has released, it is stated that Sheikh Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar was born on 26 December 1955 in the house of Sheikh Ibrahim Ali Kaskar in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, India.  His citizenship is also said to be Indian.  Also, all his names like Dawood Hasan, Adbul Hameen Abdul Aziz, Dawood Sabri, Dawood Bhai, Haji Bhai, Elder Bhai, etc. are also mentioned.

Have multiple passports

 Many of his passports issued from Bombay to Pakistan are also mentioned in the document.  It states that the passport issued in Bombay in 1985 was cancelled by the Government of India.  Apart from this, passports were issued in Bombay in 1975, 1978, 1979, 1981, 1983, 1985, 1989 in Jeddah, 1985 in Dubai, 1991 and 2001 in Rawalpindi and 1996 in Karachi.

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 Dawood’s abode in Karachi

 The most important thing is that till now Pakistan has been denying that Dawood is in Pakistan. But, interestingly now Pakistan has given three of his addresses in Karachi.  His addresses included in this document mention the White House near the Saudi Mosque in Clifton, House No. 37, 30th Street-Defense, Housing Authority and the Palatial Bungalow in Noorabad.

Business is spread across the world

Pakistan has always denied Dawood’s presence but Dawood’s brother Iqbal Kaskar had told in 2017 that Dawood is hiding in Pakistan.  He had also claimed that Dawood had changed his base in Pakistan four times after the Narendra Modi government came.  The Pakistan Army and ISI are deployed in Karachi under its protection.  Dawood, who trades in the black market of Europe to America, is also claimed to be in Britain.  According to reports, he holds the property in counties like Essex and Kent in the UK.  Apart from the UK,  many of Dawood’s properties are reported in the United Arab Emirates, Spain, Morocco, Turkey, Cyprus and Australia.