Did Lucifer comprehend humanity in the wake of investing energy in the earth?

by Madhvi Bansal

The human conceptions of a supreme being did not put the human conceptualization of Lucifer anywhere, at all, since the god and the Lucifer of which you talk, are just surviving inside the bounds of your skull.

Watch for Your Truth. (Externally being guided by another) 

In conclusion, all reality will be open to you. You will never get found reclining about a divine being or Lucifer if you generally try to talk the Truth. Aha, you state, and for what reason would that be?

Aha, I state, because the Truth IS, regardless of what you, or another entity or individual (including me) thinks, says, or does. Getting your epiphanies is how you re-discover that Truth exists, regardless of what you or another entity or individual (including me) thinks, says, or does.

The moment of life is to seek after happier-ness:

Gautama Budh is cited for having said; ”Happiness is the way’.

He was just partially right, as in ”The Princess Bride”, when Miracle Max said about Wesley; ”He’s just for the most part dead.”

The meaning of happiness is apparently ”all-over-the-place”, I have rethought as pursues;

  • Happiness is the way.
  • Happiness is the one essential inspirational purpose behind any human idea, word, or activity.

This is how I got real happiness & didn’t simply turn into a hangover the following morning.  This is how I am encountering happier-ness.

Wanted to live more freely, because, well, I read a These quote about living more consciously, and it reverberated.

I went to the forested ranges because that what I wished to live deliberately. To front just the fundamental, unavoidable issues facing everyone and check whether I couldn’t realize what it needed to instruct, and not when I came to kick the bucket. I discover that I had not lived. I couldn’t bear to move to the forested areas, to the public, so I’m doing it here.

To live ‘off the structure,’ however much as could moderately be expected, while inside it, and check whether I couldn’t re-realize what my greenhouse needed to instruct and pass on a portion of its learning before it came time for me to pass on this life. Stephen Kirby (2015)