Know, Why The Government Is Advising To Wear Mask At Home?

by Shatakshi Gupta

The second wave of Corona wreaking havoc like a tsunami. Now, for the first time, the Government has advised people to wear masks inside the home as well. The head of the country’s COVID-19 task force, Dr. VK Paul, said in a press conference in Delhi that the time has come that we should also wear masks at home and neither invite anyone at home nor step outside. Against this backdrop, let us know the reason behind the advice of wearing masks at home.

Why Government is advising you to wear a mask at home?

Dr. VK Paul says that the COVID is spreading so fast that when a member of the house becomes positive, it is not known. The rest of the household members are also getting infected until the corona symptoms are confirmed.

Besides, there are a large number of people in whom the symptoms do not appear even after infection. Such people cantransmit the infection to the rest of the household members.This is the reason why in the second wave of Corona, entire families are getting infected, while most of them are staying indoors.

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Why this advice came in the second wave of Corona?

 A large number of Corona-infected people are seriously ill with other symptoms including shortness of breath.  Millions of people are admitted to hospitals. The need for oxygen beds has shaken the entire health structure.In such a situation, the purpose of the mask is not only to protect the wearer from the corona but also to protect others. Therefore, this advice is not just for breaking the corona outbreak chain, but also for those who are at great risk. Such as sick, elderly and children.

This advice has two specific purposes. First, to protect the elderly and sick from infected persons with no symptoms. Secondly, whole families are getting infected during the second wave. Wearing a mask at home can prevent it to a great extent.

Is the advice based on any scientific study?

Numerous studies have found the utility of masks in preventing infection. The government has also taken recourse to this. The Department of Health and Human Service of North Carolina says that the risk of corona outbreak is nearly zero if there is a distance of 6 feet between two people wearing masks.

Does any other country has given such advice?

Although,such advice has not been given by any other country, but the American Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has issued a very similar advice. The CDC says that if there is someone in your house except your family member, then one should wear a mask whilemaintaining a distance of six feet.

Is there any role of type of masks?

Different types of masks have different benefits. There have been many studies on this issue in the world. Among them, the N95 mask without valve has proved to be the most effective in preventing infection.

Other pieces of advice given by the government

The government has explained about the medicines that can be taken during home isolation. Mectin and hydrochloroquine can be taken at home. Also, cough remains persistent even after 5 days, budesonide can also be taken. It is a nasal medicine.

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