Why Narendra Modi is so loved by common people?

by Madhvi Bansal

After the results of Lok Sabha elections 2019, the popularity of PM Narendra Modi in India cannot be denied. If you take a look on the reality and reports then you will find that he is popular worldwide. He is the leader who has passion to serve the country and its countrymen which made him to retain the title of ‘Prime Minister’ of the world’s largest democracy for the second time. It would not be wrong to say that he is the person who has the eyes on the stars while feet on the ground to make the country a better place to live in. 

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Modi is a mass leader

India has witnessed many leaders in the past but expect few no one was so influencing to lead the masses. PM Narendra Modi has the power and passion both which enabled him to lead the masses.  He reached out to the people of the country in the manner that was really appreciated. Not only he connected through the rallies but he chose radio through a program “Man ki baat” to connect with common people. He also took help of social media to connect with masses easily. Through this way, he has been able to build an emotional bond with the people that made him popular. 

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Dedicated and determinant for India’s development

Even the critics cannot deny the intentions of PM Modi for the development of the country. His visits to the foreign countries have helped in boosting cultural and economic cooperation. This helped in overall boosting the economy of the country. His consistent efforts to maintain the flow of investments in the country also helps the country to maintain the growth of its economy. Apart from this, with indigenous ISRO project “MOM” and “Chandrayan-2”, India has been able to register its name in the list of few countries that have launched the rover on Moon.

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Projects with the massive impacts

Whether you can take the example of “Start-up India”, “Make in India” or “Jan-Dhan Yojna”, Narendra Modi vision of making impact on each and every citizen of the country.  When Adhar Card was introduced in the country then also it was done on the mass level with the purpose to bring one identity proof for the Indians. Such projects have massive impacts which makes him to get popular among the common people. 

Apart from these, his innovative approach to handle the problems, objective decision making, strategically designed plans and keeping the administration separate from politics enabled him to work for the people of the country. Hence, he won the hearts of common people from India and foreign both.