FASTag Mandatory From February 16 Or Pay Twice The Charge

by Shatakshi Gupta

Earlier, the Ministry of Road Transport had extended the deadline to make toll recovery on National Highways mandatory through FASTag mandatory till 15 February. The extended period is ending and FASTag will be made mandatory from midnight of 15-16 February. A notification has also been issued by the government regarding this. The central government has taken this step to make toll collection easy and safe at the toll plaza as well as to get rid of the long traffic jam.

What if you don’t buy FASTag?

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has decided that from midnight of 15-16 February, all the National Highways will be completely FASTag based .That is, the toll fees collection in cash will be stopped. The question is what if someone gives cash? According to the National Highway Fee Rules 2008, a vehicle that does not have a FASTag nor has invalid FASTag will have to pay double the charge of toll fees.

Vehicles are divided into two categories

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In a statement issued on Thursday, the Ministry has clarified that these steps are being taken to promote digital mode, reduce waiting time and saving fuel. The government has created two categories regarding FASTag. One is the M category, which will include four-wheelers that are used to carry passengers. The second category is N, in which passengers are carried along with luggage.

How to buy FASTag?

 For people’sconvenience, the toll plazas have been set up counters by agents of various banks and NHAI. People can buy FASTag by showing their vehicle’s RC and Driving License (RC & DL) or Aadhar Card. For the past one year, about 70 per cent of the vehicles are digitally paying the toll with the help of FASTag.  FASTag was launched in 2016. After FASTAG is made mandatory, vehicles will not have to stop at the toll plaza and payment of toll charges will be done electronically.

No Minimum balance required in FASTag

NHAI has now decided not to keep a minimum balance in FASTag. While this facility is only for cars, jeeps or vans, not for the commercial vehicles.

Can cross Toll Plaza even if the balance is below required fee

 The NHAI has decided that the user will now be allowed to go through the toll plaza as long as there is no negative balance in the FASTag account /wallet. Even if there is less money in the FASTag account, the car will be allowed to cross the toll plaza. Even after crossing the toll plaza,   If the customer does not recharge it, then the bank can recover the negative account amount from the security deposit.