Gujarat lady constable, Sunita Yadav resigns; who took on Minister’s son, Prakash Kanani

by Shatakshi Gupta

In Varachha area of Surat, a dispute took place between the son of the Minister of State for Health and the woman constable, whose name was Sunita Yadav. This dispute was for violating the curfew protocol. The incident took place around 10 pm on Friday night.  This incident took heat when the audio clip of this incident went viral, this issue ranged from the police to the political corridors.  The feud began after the five youths in the car were held without wearing masks. These youths called the minister’s son, Prakash on the spot. 

Minister Kumar Kanani made a call when the son was caught by the police.  After this a debate took place between the Health Minister of State and Sunita.  The audio of this drama, which lasted for about one and a half hours, went viral.  During this period, abuses and stories are being heard.  The audio claimed to be the voice of Minister Kumar Kanani.

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Minister’s son also threatened Sunita using his father’s name and power. It is being told that Kumar’s son, Prakash threatened Sunita to stand duty on the road for 365 days.  Sunita was agitated and said – this police uniform is not worn to serve as slave under your father.

Further development in the matter took place and Constable Sunita offered resignation to the senior officers and returned home.  However, the resignation was not accepted. Though Sunita’s police headquarters were transferred.  Commissioner, R. B. Brahmabhatt, ordered division’s ACP, C. K. Patel,  to investigate into the matter.  Sunita was admitted to the police service three years back.

Sunita, also came live on Facebook and there she revealed that the viral audio was just a trailer. She also stated that the complete and actual incident was even worse than what went viral. On this Facebook stream she also said, that after resigning from her duty she would prepare herself further for IPS exams.

Sunita Yadav also resisted herself from speaking to the media persons till her resignation and other formalities are in process. Right now my phone is being tapped, so I am unable to provide information.  Soon I will put the video in front of the media and will reveal the complete incident which actually took place and also that how she was humiliated at that place of incident.