What condom addiction is in news? How people are using it to get high?

by TrendingNews Desk

According to the some news reports, condoms are being purchased by young people in Durgapur, West Bengal, but not for use as a method of birth control but for consuming it to become high. Many questions have been raised by this strange tendency, some of which are related to the pupils’ health. This also highlights how poorly informed about health our young people are. This event poses several important questions like Where does this false information come from? Where do college-bound youngsters learn about these health risks? And who is in charge of spreading such information throughout society?

According to a report of times of India, a shopkeeper queried a customer about the strange rationale behind this increase in condom selling and purchase and found that youngsters are using it as an booze’s alternative.

How condoms are making people high?

The science behind this is that soaking condoms in hot water for a long time degrades large chemical molecules and creates alcohol compounds. This chemical keeps the child intoxicated.

An fragrant ingredient is what makes condoms intoxicating. Dendrites, another drug that is widely used to induce drunkenness, also contain this molecule. Dendrite use is common, especially among young people, and is regarded as a poor method of intoxication.

Some similar bizarre intoxicants

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When under the influence of alcohol, people take odd actions. Some uncommon ones include drinking cough medicine, sniffing glue and other industrial adhesives, breathing paint and nail polish, and inhaling whiteners.. Strangely enough, many cases of  inebriation have been found after using hand sanitizer and aftershave.

How risky is this?

When used frequently, these chemicals create serious health issues in young people, such as chest pain and recurrent headaches. The worst part is that these individuals end up being so dependent on these narcotics that they finally start using them to treat their illnesses. As a result, their reliance on the addictions increases.

As inhalants, people routinely use aerosols of gasoline, glue, spray paint, solvents, cleaning products, and other substances. The usage behaviour includes huffing, bagging, and sniffing or snorting. The hypercapnia and hypoxia caused by rebreathing from a closed bag intensify the euphoria felt while taking inhalants.