How Kapil Sharma become such famous celebrity?

by Madhvi Bansal

Comedy King Kapil Sharma is no more in need of any introduction. A simple punjabi guy from Amritsar has met the zenith of his career, all because of his hard work and dedication. Stardom, fame, popularity, money – all can be reduced to nothing in the blink of an eye, same has happened with Kapil sharma, but what make him a leader is his willingness to comeback and to make virtue of his success again and again. He has built his empire all on his own, and he saw his career and life crumble right in front of his eyes. he stand-up comedian and actor revealed that depression took a bigger toll on his mental stability and even confessed that he was ‘suicidal’. So much for his success as a comedian, Kapil Sharma has always been at the center of controversy. Be it his alleged alcohol abuse problems, or his fights with co-actor Sunil Grover or his problems with shoot timings the list is substantial. As much as he had fame coming his way, it has certainly not been devoid of troubles.

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After his revival, he has now become a role model for many. He claimed that he has learnt a lot from his failure and expressed gratitude for those who stood by him during tough times. He acknowledged the power and influence he wields as a public figure and admitted that he will own up to the responsibility. Because of lots of controversies and fights, kapil went into deep depression and for one year, he wasn’t available for any comment. But when he came back after making the audience for almost year, it was evident that the makers of the show were back to appear and conquer. And it did happen the way they had expected. Within the first week, the show outnumbered all the old rulers of the TRP chart and grabbed the top spot for itself. 

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His inconsistent determination to comeback has made him a famous celebrity. He proved that failure is not constant if you are determined to success, you will !