How much does Neeta Ambani spends on her makeup

by Madhvi Bansal
Neeta Ambani

It isn’t that easy as you might have thought,  I mean it takes some amount of doing to look flawlessly beautiful at the age of 55, and if that’s not a big enough ask, to maintain that beauty . One thing you definitely need to appreciate about Neeta Ambani is the way she has maintained herself,  the glow one her face is as good as anyone at the age of 55.

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She is certainly proving the proverb “age is just a number” cent percent correct. But let me tell you beforehand it’s not an everyone’s cup of tea. She has spent loads of money on herself to maintain her charm. She has hired the Bollywood’s most trusted makeup artist Mickey Contractor called as the one man glamour machine. She pays him a hefty amount of money for each makeup he does for her. 

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She uses the products of Lakme one of the pioneer makeup brands in India,  it costs around 2 hours to give her a proper party look. As per the sources she has at her disposal a team of around 4_6 junior makeup artists who are always around her,  wherever she travels they travel with her, they are always equipped with all the material requirements which may come into use when she has to attend some event. As we know she is more of a social person, most of the time attending events, so its important for her to look good all the time because she is a social face, people idealise her. 

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To give a rough estimate taking in totality the material used and the makeup artist charges, it costs around 2-3 lakhs for a one time makeup of Neeta Ambani. This costs certainly rises when she has to be given a makeup for a wedding like event.