How the royal princess lived their life

by Madhvi Bansal
royal princess

The royal families signify status symbol, huge wealth, comfortable and luxurious life. In the past, there were many royal families that used to live in the fort and own many forts and palaces. Some of them are still there and living a royal life. The princess of those royal families not only follows their custom and religions like their ancestors used to follow but they are enjoying the essence of modern lifestyle as well.  Royal families are known to live a King size royal life which is full of comfort and luxuries hence their princess too lived such life. However the life of royal women household is a mystery.

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 Taking you behind the veils

 Although, the stuff of full comfort and luxury was available with the princess but they were supposed to stay behind the veil. No photography was permitted however; they can get their portrait painted by the royal artists belonging to the royal family. The princess of modern royal families is now enjoying the lives of royal as well as modern culture.  Along with the Western Education, wearing the western clothes is also. Articulation of modernity and success in imperial system can be seen in the lifestyle of the modern royal princess. 

Jewellery worn by the royal princess showcases the receptive work of European Jewellers who have the interest to expand the existing market overseas. Many of the princesses prefer to visit the other countries specially the European Countries to transform their style.  Modern royal princess are open to their choices and bold enough while the ancient princesses used to remain behind the veils but with dignity and care.

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  The royal life that princess enjoyed 

 All the princess of the royal families has enjoyed a royal life. They were surrounded by many servants who assist them in their daily work routines. They escort the princess almost everywhere and take care of the comfort of princess. This made the lives of the princess easier and comfortable with full luxuries.  However, when it comes to their role in the families, they played extremely decisive, empowering and affective role however this was majorly restricted to the household decisions.