Bharat-Will it revive the magic of Eid for Salman Khan

by Madhvi Bansal

Salman Khan Starrer, Bharat, is all set to release on the occasion of Eid this year.   This film has reunited Salman Khan and Ali zafar as a duo who had earlier given the powerful doses to the audience in the form of films like Tiger Zinda Hai and Sultan.  The duo is expecting the same magic to happen on the release of Bharat on Eid. Bharat is a rich family values film which is full of entertainment that the modern generation looks for.  The film of about unity in diversity and showcases the country is like a family. Bharat is based on the government’s decision to dispatch nurses and miners to West Germany in the Vietnam War in 1960s. 

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Excitement on height with the release of teasers of Bharat 

Teasers of Salman Khan’s film Bharat have geared up the excitement among the audience to watch the film on Eid. Whether it is the songs of the movie or six different looks of Salman Khan ranging from the young circus champion to a 60-year old man, audience is excited to go for Bharat on Eid. Sweet romance of the Salman Khan with lead actress Katrina Kaif in the song Chashni, is palpable in Bharat.  First song of Bharat that was released was Slow Motion Song that is now hitting DJ floor in the parties. 

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Stardom of Salman Khan hits the records

Before the release of Bharat, the movie is making a lot of noise not only in India but also across the boundaries.  For the first ever time, the film of Salman is set to release in UAE and in gulf. Along with these, in Australia too, Bharat is set for release on more than 75 screens. Overall there are more than 70 countries where Bharat will be released on Eid. Ahead the release of his movie, Salman khan has already gripped the nation with his magic. Hence, it would not be wrong if said that Bharat will definitely revive the magic of Eid for Salman.