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Thieves Steal Only Onions From Bengal Shop And Leave Cash Box

by Madhvi Bansal
Thieves steal only onions

India is facing a tremendous onion scarcity in recent months which eventually led to the price hike. The price was on the rise for a while and it has now reached around 100 INR. Though the government has tried various measures to control the increasing onion prices and other vegetables including ginger and tomato, the price does not seem to go down. Even attempts of government trying to procure from different markets in India did not go well as per the plans.

This current crisis with respect to the skyrocketed price has lead to various strange things happening in and around cities in India. One such strange thing that happened in this ongoing onion crisis is theft in a Bengal shop. According to the shop owner, Akshay Das, who runs his shop in Sutahata found a strange theft last week which is located in the East Midnapore district of West Bengal.

This vegetable seller, Akshay Das, when explaining the theft incident to a news channel said it was strange. He found it strange because he found the vegetables shattered all over the shop but the cash was stolen. He later realized that someone has sneaked in on Monday night and stole all the onion sacks from the shop. The thief targeted only the sacks of onions and not even single paisa stolen as per the shop owner.

Initially, the shop owner panicked seeing the shop was burgled and immediately went on to check the cash box. To his surprise, the thief or thieves did not even try to touch this cash box and it was perfectly safe. Apart from missing onion sacks the thieves also had taken some garlic and ginger. According to the shop owner, they had taken onions worth 50000 INR with them.

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