Google Remove 2020 Referendum App From App Store

by Madhvi Bansal
Google Remove

Another propaganda has become the talk of the town. The app launched on Google Play Store regarding Punjab referendum to 2020 Khalistan, the same website has been launched on the same lines for the same purpose. The chief minister of Punjab, Amrinder Singh pled IT professional Google to remove this Anti-Indian Mobile Application from its Google Play Store immediately. The spokesperson of the Minister Office said that this app is not now available on any Google Play Store for mobile users in India. 

AAP has been created by ‘ICE TECH,’ and the chief minister has asked for the help of the Central government to look into the matter, and the Deputy General of Police to coordinate with the Central Security Agencies to tackle the matter. During the investigation of the application and the website, Punjab Police found that the data of voters registered on the website was also stored in the server of the website created by the organization which was already banned by the Government of India. The Cyber Crime Centre of Bureau of Investigation, Punjab, has removed the app from the Google Play Store and the website has been blocked for users in India.

ISI Hand In Sikh Referendum App

DGP Dinkar Gupta was coordinating with the security agencies to handle the threat that was launched just a day before the opening of the Kartarpur corridor. This app was freely available for download on Google Play Store, clearly indicates the ISI agenda of dividing the Sikh community just before the birth anniversary of their first Guru, Guru Nanak Dev. Chief Minister was in a state of shock that, how and why Google allowed such an app to be uploaded on their Play Store. The Chief Minister said that this act is a matter of concern over the security threat to the entire nation. Chief Minister also mentioned the ‘Sikhs For Justice’ group who was pushed by ISI for the ‘Referendum 2020’ which was an unlawful association on which government agencies have put a ban.

People Reaction On Google Downloads 

People anger busted out on Google when they notice the application on the Google Play store, which is promoting a Sikh Secessionist Movement and blamed Pakistan for backing it. The application has been available since February on Google Play Store but hardly got any response. This app is promoting a Sikh for justice based group online campaign who wants to create a Sikh independent state called ‘Khalistan.’ Indian users are saying that it’s false propaganda against India and asked others to Boycott Google altogether. 

The anger busted against Google Play Store for another scandal which again added fuel to the fire on allegations of Pakistan supporting the Anti Indian Movement. In the early days of this year, both the countries agreed to open a Visa-free corridor to Sikh pilgrim to those who want to visit their holiest pilgrims ‘Tomb of Guru Nanak’ located in Pakistan just 4 kilometers away from its border with India. One of the users posted a message saying that people who are provoking others against India are against democracy. How is that possible when the referendum is organized under UN rules and regulations and organizers could be terrorists even if they are following everything according to the UN. They are calling themselves educated people but in reality, they are illiterate.

Another user has written that such kind of apps is spreading hatred and tourism in India. Campaigns are made to separate the state which can harm the integrity of our country and violate our rights. This is our matter and the government of India should handle it. He has also made a humble request to the Google Play store to remove such apps and help maintain peace in the world.