PNB Scam Case: UK Court Allows Extradition Of Nirav Modi

by Shatakshi Gupta

 The final hearing for the extradition of a wanted diamond trader and main accused of PNB scam, Nirav Modi, was held on Thursday in a UK court. In this, the court approved the extradition of Nirav to India. After a virtual hearing in London, Judge Samuel Goozee said that Nirav Modi would have to answer in the ongoing case in India. The judge upheld that Nirav Modi conspired to destroy the evidence and intimidate the witnesses.

The judge said that it is not that Nirav does not get justiceif he is sent to India. The court has also rejected the argument that Nirav Modi’s mental condition is not fit. The court said barrack number-12 of Mumbai’s Arthur Road Jail is fit for Nirav. Judge also said that he will get justice even if extradited to India.

What next?

 Nirav, who is accused of fraud of more than 14 thousand crore loans of Punjab National Bank (PNB), is currently lodged in London’s Wandsworth Jail. Following the decision of Judge Samuel Goozee in the London Court, the case will now go to the UK Home Ministry. Home Minister Preeti Patel will put her final stamp on the court’s decision on extradition. After this, the process of bringing the wanted fugitive of India to Mumbai Jail will begin.  However, even after this, Nirav has a way to appeal in the High Court.

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Lawyers claimed Nirav mentally unfit

 Earlier, the lawyers claimed that Nirav Modi was mentally ill. Also, lawyers made claims of not having proper facilities in India’s jail. The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) is representing the case on behalf of Indian agencies. CPS barrister Helen Malcolm said that the matter is absolutely clear. Nirav, through his company of three partners, committed a bank scam of billions of rupees. While the defence lawyers said that the matter is disputed. Nirav Modi has been wrongly accused.

Accused of loan fraud over 14 thousand crores

 Nirav Modi and his maternal uncle Mehul Choksi, along with bank officials, fraudulently loaned more than Rs 14,000 crore from Punjab National Bank. This fraud was done through a letter of understanding. Two major cases under CBI and ED have been registered in India under bank scam and money laundering. Apart from this, some other cases are also registered against him in India.After this Nirav flew to the UK and therehe challenged his extradition order in a UK court.

Nirav is in jail since 19 March 2019

Nirav Modi has been in jail since his arrest on 19 March 2019. He tried to obtain bail several times, but each time his plea was rejected, as he was at risk of absconding.