How to pretend if you are over a breakup?

by Madhvi Bansal

Break up, one of the most painful, stressful and an awful experience in one’s life. But, if you want a new relationship to work, you need to make sure the last one is completely out of the window. Break up suck hard, but you have to pretend that you are now over your breakup. Just pretend as you are fine without him isn’t as healthy as being fine without him. Focus on moving on and the rest will come naturally.

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Now just read a few to know how to pretend that you are over a breakup: 

Interact with other people in more joyful way: Don’t sit around and mope—get out there and have fun. Don’t make your social life to suffer. This is probably the perfect time to explore the social opportunities you may have let languish. Meet new people, go to parties, organize activities with your friends, join clubs or volunteer organizations. These things will all remind you that you don’t need your ex to have a good time, and will put you on the path to meeting someone better in no time. 

Dress cute wherever you go: Treat yourself to some new clothes or a makeover. Just pamper yourself ! Put on a smile and go out in your best outfit. Your confidence may have taken a knock, particularly if your ex has ditched you over for a so-called better offer. Looking beautiful will help you feel better about yourself and remind you what a great catch you are. Go for a morning walk, your fresh look will attract new suitors and may even make your old flame sit up and take notice of what he’s missing now.

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Take a trip: Pack your bags and explore the most adventure someplace exotic, road-trip to visit old friends, or just sun yourself at a resort for a few days. Take lots of photos, so if he does stalk your social media profiles he’ll see what a great time you are having and Make him jealous !

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Know that he really doesn’t deserve you: If he made you feel bad about yourself in any way, then you are way better off without him in your life. Don’t blame yourself for what happened. Remember that you deserve people who will value you and treat you with respect.