Hundreds Are Going To Jail And Losing Lives In Protest Against Myanmar Army Coup

by Shatakshi Gupta

Protests and demonstrations against the Military Coup in Myanmar have been increasing. The situation in the country is getting deteriorated day by day. On Sunday, the army opened fire on people protesting at different places, in which 38 people were reported dead. This information has been given by the news agency Reuters while quoting an advocacy organization.

 It is reported in the news that a sugar factory was set on fire by protesters in the Hangthaya of Yangon area. After this, the army started firing on them, killing 22 people. At the same time, 16 people protesting at other places were killed.  During this time a policeman also got killed.

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More than 125 people killed so far

 According to various newsreports, the number of people killed in the demonstration so far has crossed 125. This figure may increase even more because there are still many areas where dead bodies are found. Till Saturday, more than 2000 people have been detained.

What the Military is saying?

 The army-run TV channel reported that the protesters set fire to 4 garment and fertilizer factories in the area.  After this, the fire brigade was dispatched on the spot.  Around 2,000 people were demonstrating and attempting to stop the fire brigade. After the situation became uncontrollable, the army had to fire.

Special envoy of UN Secretary-General condemned this

 The UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy Christine Schreiner Bergner condemned the violence going on in the country.She said that reports of murders, vandalism and torture with protesters are constantly being reported in Myanmar. Everybody needs to unite against it. We are in touch with regional leaders and members of the Security Council who are engaged in an effort to improve the situation in Myanmar.

Source: ANI News
Military Coup

 In the neighboring country of Myanmar, the army overthrew the elected government at midnight on February 1. Many leaders, including the popular leader and state counselor Aung San Suu Kyi and President Vin Mint, were arrested. Since then, protests have been going on in the whole country.

The reason behind the coup

There were general elections in Myanmar in November last year. In these elections, Aung San Suu Kyi’s party won 396 seats in both houses. Her party won 258 out of 330 seats of Lower House and 138 out of 168 in Upper House.Myanmar’s main opposition Union Solidarity and Development Party won just 33 seats in both houses. This party had the support of the army. The leader of this party is Thane Hithe, who has been a brigadier general in the army.

Source: ANI News

 After the results, the army raised questions aboutthe credibility of it. The army accused Suu Kyi of rigging the elections. The army also complained to the President and the Election Commission about this in the Supreme Court.

The differences between the democratically elected government and the army started only after the election results.  Now the power of Myanmar has completely fallen into the hands of the army. After the coup there, the army has declared an emergency for 1 year.