Internal Revolt In LJP Against Chirag Paswan; MPs Elect Pashupati Paras As Leader

by Shatakshi Gupta

There has been a big spat in the Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) of the late Ram Vilas Paswan. The party’s five MPs- Pashupati Kumar Paras, Chaudhary Mehboob Ali Kaiser, Veena Devi, Chandan Singh and Prince Raj together have revolted against the National President Chirag Paswan from all posts. Also, Chirag’s uncle Pashupati Kumar has chosen Paras as his leader.  He has also been entrusted with the responsibility of the leader of the parliamentary party along with the national president.  There were only six MPs in LJP including Chirag.

 The major reason for the break in LJP was the displeasure of his close ones with Chirag. Others took advantage of this and 3 strong leaders of JDU played an important role in breaking the LJP. These include MP Rajiv Ranjan alias Lalan Singh and Deputy Speaker Maheshwar Hazari. The name of the third has not been disclosed yet. It is being told that these three leaders are present in Delhi and are keeping an eye on all the LJP MPs.

Fight within family

Chirag had the most confidence in his cousin and MP from Samastipur, Prince Raj. But Prince Raj was angry from the time when his state president post was snatched.

 Chirag’s uncle and Hajipur MP Pashupati Paras has been angry ever since Chirag rebelled against JDU. Pashupati Paras was the Animal Husbandry Minister in the previous Bihar government. He was close to Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, but Chirag had spoiled the relationship between him and Paras by rebelling against Nitish Kumar. Even at the time of assembly elections, Paras repeatedly explained to Chirag that this step would be risky for the party. In such a situation, Paras kept watching everything with annoyance in his mind and when the time came, he left the camp.

Party was not happy with Chirag’s leadership

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Chirag Paswan’s one-sided decision had become a bone of contention in his party. Chirag had been taking unilateral decisions without consulting party leaders. The leaders of the entire party were angry with Saurabh Pandey, who was closest to Chirag.  Because Chirag was taking the same decisions, in which Saurabh’s consent was there. Because of this, most of the big and strong leaders of LJP were angry.

Sooraj Bhan played a key role in split

Suraj Bhan Singh, who was closest to the late Ram Vilas Paswan, had saved the party from collapse in the assembly elections with his efforts. But, Suraj Bhan was also annoyed with Chirag’s constant one-sided decision making. In such a situation, Chandan Singh, younger brother of Suraj Bhan Singh, who is an MP from Nawada, had revolted.

 On the other hand, LJP MP Mehboob Ali Kaiser also did not attend any meeting of the party.  He was just a LJP MP.  His absence from any party program was part of his rebellion. While Vaishali MP Veena Singh was close to Ram Vilas Paswan, Chirag never gave him any preference.  In such a situation, Veena also had to be different.

3 key leaders revolted against Chirag

 Three strong JDU leaders were secretly engaged in breaking the LJP.  In these, MP Rajiv Ranjan alias Lalan Singh, Ram Vilas Paswan’s relative and Deputy Speaker of the Assembly Maheshwar Hazari and a leader who knew the weak link of LJP played an important role.  His name has not been revealed, but he was once close to Ram Vilas Paswan. Right now he is the closest leader of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

 JDU MP Lalan Singh was leading this entire mission. Lalan first made Pashupati Paras in his favor and then along with Surajbhan Singh. After this Maheshwar Hazari broke Mehboob Ali Kaiser and then also forced Prince Raj and Veena Singh to leave Chirag’s side.