Migrates Returning to Bareilly forced to take bath with Sanitizers

by Aditi

The fear of pandemic coronavirus is rising every single day. People are losing their patience and forcing themselves to take serious steps. Like, the migrants have started walking on the way of their native places. And even the government is not able to any thing for them because of this deadly virus. They have taken some steps to help them to reach to their places but at the same they are also taking some serious precautions so the infection will not spread in the villages.

The Migrant labors returning from the various cities were forced to take a group bath in an open with the sanitizer to disinfect them before entering into the district.

As per various sources, the group of migrants including women, men, children, old age people, were seen sitting on the road in the near checkpoint at Bareilly, people from the administration departments covered with full protection and gear spray a solution with a hosepipe on them. The migrants were with their luggage on their back and they were asked to close their eyes.

The nodal officer in –charge of COVID-19 in Bareilly, Ashok Gautam, confirmed that the solution was made with chlorine and water, it was not a chemical. He also said that the administration took that step after a huge migrants came with the special buses ran by the government to disinfect them and to protect the people who are already residing in the districts.  He added, “We tried to keep them safe, asked them to shut their eyes.”

Sodium Hypochlorite was used?

The Chief Fire Officer, Chandan Mohan Sharma informed that the solution was sodium hypochlorite was used to sanitize the various places like bus stands, buses. And he also said that this chemical is harmful for the human bodies, they were only allowed to use it on the non-living bodies.

In an interview with the reporter, he said “Because it has chemicals, it is strictly prohibited to spray on human bodies. We have directions to spray it on non-living things like metal surfaces, cardboards, and closed walls.”

 He also added, “The chemical is hazardous. It has its own properties, naturally, it can cause harm but until it comes in direct contact with human ears or eyes.”

But he denied that the migrants were bathed with this solution and said they have indivertibly exposed to the fog of the chemical, they were not exposed to it directly.

DM orders action against Officials  

District magistrate Bareilly, Nitish Kumar, ordered action against the officials who forcibly bath the migrants in an open area.  He also added in his statement that “over active” Bareilly municipal corporation and fire brigade were instructed to sanitize the buses and other places and ended up doing this.  And action will be taken against them and the affected people are getting treatment under the direction of the chief medical officer.