Migratory Birds Mass Death crossed 17,000 in Sambhar Lake suspected Avian botulism

by Madhvi Bansal
migratory birds

Rajasthan Migratory Birds are dying on an extensive, so far, around 17,000 deaths are reported within the country’s largest upcountry water salt lake close to Jaipur. The deaths were reported in Jaipur, Nagaur and Ajmer districts of Rajasthan. At the start birds deaths were suspected due to avian contagion however the report from a laboratory in Bhopal has dominated this out, and report the deaths were due to  botulism , a significant and fatal ill health that affects the nerves.

In the initial week of November, thousands of birds, together with Northern Shoveler, Ruddy shelduck, Plovers, Avocets, were  found dead within the 5-7 kilometre space around Sambhar Lake. Nearly 8,500 birds have died to date in Jaipur itself. This was the second such incident within the state among every week. On seven November, thirty seven demoiselle cranes were found dead in Jodhpur’s Khinchan space. Deaths were initial according once about to one,500 migratory birds were found dead beneath mysterious circumstances around Sambhar Lake.

What is Avian Botulism?

Avian food poisoning could be a contractile organ ill health caused by a poisonous substance that’s created by a bacterium. it’s been recognised as a significant explanation for mortality in wild birds since the 1900s. While, Rajasthan Health Department has confirmed that there was no risk of the sickness being transferred to humans, however urged individuals to not venture into the realm. Some kind of poisonous substance is inflicting deaths of birds as vertebrate gastrointestinal disorder is suspected as some reports area unit showing.

A Bikaner-based analysis organisation that has conducted the post-mortem on 2 carcasses found that vertebrate gastrointestinal disorder might be the explanation for the mass deaths. A team from the college of Veterinary and Animal Science in Bikaner inspected the Sambhar lake and submitted a report, the consultants complete that “the most probable diagnosing is vertebrate botulism”. Sambhar Lake is India’s largest upcountry salt lake. it’s a recognised soil of international importance, and hosts thousands of migratory birds throughout winters. The dead birds enclosed plovers, common coots, black winged stilts, northern shovelers, ruddy shelducks and colored avocets.

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