10 Best Series to Binge-Watch on Netflix

by Shatakshi Gupta

OTT ( over the top) platforms have changed the world in terms of viewership and content in the past few years. On these platforms, content is directly provided to the viewers via the internet. These platforms face less or negligible censorship, this is the reason why they provide some of the best and honest content. With the advent of the 4G networks in the world, streaming services become more popular. Among these OTT platforms, Netflix has revolutionized the viewing experience of the world by providing endless options to watch. Netflix gave birth to binge-watch by providing some of the world-class content. This article is about some of the best web series available on Netflix to binge-watch.



This is one of the most famous American TV series available on Netflix. There are three seasons of this American Web series, each season consists of 10 episodes. The series is based on the life of drug lord Pablo Escobar. The first season picturized the story of the interaction of Pablo Escobar with other drug Mafias and drug enforcement agencies. Meanwhile this story depicts how he become a billionaire through the business of drugs. Whereas, season 3 depicts the challenge faced by DEA in shutting down Cali Cartel, a former drug cartel of South  Colombia, which was blooming very fast after the fall of Escobar. Every season got a good rating for the strong acting of the cast. If you love watching true stories of Mafia, then this one is a good pick for you.

Black mirror

black mirror

If you are more into Sci-Fi content, then this series will blow your mind. The Black Mirror is a Sci-fi British anthology(every episode has different characters and different plot) series. The series was earlier premiered on television, but in 2015 Netflix purchased it. It has a total of five seasons. The first two seasons consist of 3 episode each, 3rd and 4th season consist of 6 episodes each and the fifth season has 3 episodes. The plot in each episode revolve around some new technologies and experiments which are defying nature. The stories are full of dark and satirical tone, to show how humans play with nature.

Orange is the New Black


It is one of the most popular series on Netflix. The series covered stories in seven seasons. Series begin around a woman in her 30s serving her sentence in federal prison with minimum security, in the later course of time, the story also depicts the flashback of other prison inmates and shows how they end up in prison. Later, the jail management was given to a private firm and their guard started doing atrocities on inmates. The story also show the struggle of inmates for asking your rights and the conflicts between inmates and jail management. Overall it is a very engaging story.

Delhi crime


Delhi crime is one of the finest and sensitive Indian web series on Netflix. The series is based on a true incident of Nirbhaya’s gangrape and the struggle of DCP Vartika Chaturvedi, who was given the task of nabbing culprits. The series received a very good response and critics rating. The upcoming seasons will be based on some other crimes.

Stranger things


This American science fiction web series attracted record viewership and is popular worldwide. This series consists of 3 seasons and another one is coming soon. The series depicts a story of town in 1980. The story begins when Hawkins National laboratory was doing research on energy but secretly  performs an experiment on supernatural and paranormal activities and accidentally they created a portal to another world ensuing which whole town experienced some supernatural things. Overall it is a full package of investigative, supernatural and horror genre.

Sacred games


This is the most famous Indian web series and the first original Netflix series in India. The story is based on Vikram Chandra’s novel sacred games. The two seasons of the series revolves around the story of Mumbai gangster Ganesh Gaitonde. Series depicts how Ganesh Gaitonde rose to power by subsiding other crime lords of Mumbai. The story also shows the struggle of Sartaj Singh a police officer posted in Mumbai, whom Ganesh is telling his story. Another important role in series is of Guruji, who is on the run to end the world.


It is an American TV series which earlier premiered on fox TV, but later Netflix bought it. The story revolves around the Lucifer Morningstar, the god of hell. He got bored in hell so he gave up his throne and came down to Los Angeles. He started his nightclub here and later he involved in crime Investigation and eventually became a consultant to Los Angeles Police Department. The story also shows some supernatural events in between. Later, Lucifer and Chole ( the police officer) fell in love with each other.

Jessica Jones


It is an American series based on Marvel  comic’s character named Jessica Jones . Series consists of three seasons, the first season depicts that she left her superhero career after she killed someone, but when villain killgrave emerged again she used her powers. The second season revolves around her mother and in 3rd season Jessica was challenged by an enemy who was determined to prove Jessica a fraud. If you are a Marvel fan, then this one is a good pick for you.

The Witcher

the witcher

It is an American drama series, the story of the series based on a book by Andrzej Sapkowski, named ‘The Witcher’. It is based on a fictional story of the mediaeval era. This story is about the  Geralt of Rivia ( a mutated monster hunter) and princess Ciri, who are linked to each other by destiny. This story depicts three different stories with 3 different protagonists and their formation and later merged them together.

Mind Hunter

mind hunter

It is one of the best-rated American crime thrillers. The series is made up of two seasons, the story revolves around two FBI agents and one psychologist who operate FBI behavioral science unit, at the training institute of FBI. These people interview serial killers to draw a conclusion on how the serial killers think in a hope to use this study to change criminal minds. Both seasons are based on two real-life serial killers, Edmund Kemper and Wayne Williams.