What Is Mucormycosis or Black Fungus That Is Becoming Fatal Concern For COVID-19 Patients?

by Shatakshi Gupta

Amidst the second wave of Coronavirus thousands of people are dying every day. When people are already living under the threat of this pandemic a new disease called Mucormycosis is becoming a new matter of concern. So far 80 cases have been reported in Ahmedabad Civil Hospital, out of which 9 have died and 3 patients have lost their eyesight.

What is Mucormycosis or Black Fungus?

It is a fungal infection, which is being triggered by Covid-19. It is also called zygomycosis. The infection is a serious and rare fungal infection caused by mucormycetes(a kind of mold). This fungus lives throughout the environment but is especially endemic to soil.

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The initial symptoms can be cold and cough. After this, most people do not consult a doctor and start home treatment, due to which the infection gets aggravated. After some time, phlegm freezes and a lump is formed near the nose. This lump has a direct effect on the eyes, after which the eyes start blurry and the headache starts. That is why anti-fungal therapy should be started immediately after swelling of the eyes, cheeks and nasal blockage.

The infection starts in the eye, ear and teeth in this disease.  Gradually, it starts affecting the brain. Fungal infection is so dangerous that even strong teeth weaken in a few days. The face colour turns red. At the same time, swelling can be seen under the eyes and nose, which causes severe pain.

What is Nasal Mucormycosis?

This usually starts from the nose and can cause nasal bone damage or damage to the eyes. It also makes the jaws clench. It can also paralyze the pupils and damage the eyes permanently. If treatment is not given on time then there is a danger of brain damage as well.

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These people are at more risk

 The highest risk of Mucormycosis is among the diabetic patients who have taken steroids in the corona. There are 60 such patients out of 80 undergoing treatment in the civil hospital.

Why it is spreading in the second wave?

Mucormycosis cases were also reported in the first wave of Corona, but then the number of such patients was very less. Last year only 5-7 cases were reported and due to timely treatment, all of them recovered easily. But in the second wave of the corona the mutated virus becomes strong which is greatly weakening the human body. Due to this, cases of Mucormycosis have also increased.