New cases of COVID-19 in the United States

by Shatakshi Gupta

Coronavirus is spreading rapidly throughout the world, every country is under the threat now and trying to mitigate the spread. Till now new Coronavirus or COVID-19 has infected more than 80 thousand people across the world. Recently, New York state has confirmed its first coronavirus case, Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Sunday night, as the U.S. government said they are starting to screen travelers for the virus and hike production of protective masks. Governor told through Twitter that a woman in her mid-30s get infected by coronavirus during a recent trip to Iran, where it is spreading at 5 times speed, and the woman was in quarantine at her home. Though he did not mention her whereabouts. “The patient has respiratory symptoms, but is not in serious condition and has been in a controlled situation since arriving in New York,” Governor said.

At the federal level, President Donald Trump’s on Sunday reassure Americans to not get panic as the disease spreads and business conferences and flights got canceled. Officials tried to confidant market fears that the coronavirus could cause a global recession, saying the public had overreacted and that market would revive soon because of the underlying strength of the U.S. economy.

The first American died from COVID-19, an old man with underlying conditions in Washington state, officials told on Saturday. They still do not know how he got infected by the virus.

The state on Sunday confirmed two other cases and locked down a long-term care facility where a resident and a worker also tested positive for coronavirus and 50 residents and staff are showing symptoms.

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More than 70 cases of COVID-19 have been reported in the United States, the majority of them on the West Coast but new cases found in the Chicago area and Rhode Island, aside from New York.

Stock markets dipped last week, with an index of global stocks setting its biggest weekly plunge since the 2008 subprime crisis, and more than $5 trillion wiped off the value of stocks worldwide.

A key energy conference of oil ministers in Houston oil was canceled on Sunday, with the organizers of CERA Week noting that border health checks were becoming more restrictive and companies had begun barring non-essential travel to protect workers.

A world economy conference with Pope Francis which was scheduled in Italy later this month was also canceled due to spread in Italy.

Mr. Trump informed that travelers to the United States from countries at high risk of coronavirus would be screened before boarding and on arrival, without specifying which countries.
donald trump

Delta Air Lines said on Sunday that it is suspending until May flights to Milan in northern Italy where most of that country’s coronavirus cases have been found, though flights will continue to Rome. American Airlines Group announced a similar plan late on Saturday.

Currently, the United States has 75,000 test kits to fight from coronavirus and will expand that number exponentially in coming days, U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar confirmed “This Week” journal on Sunday.

Vice President Mike Pence said the government had given a contract to 3M company to produce an extra 35 million respiratory masks. He urged Americans not to buy the masks, which he said were only needed by healthcare workers. Honeywell International is the other major U.S. mask producer, which is contributing to this. Vice President also told a channel that clinical trials of a coronavirus vaccine would start in 6 weeks but that a vaccine would likely not be available this season.

Democrats, who are going to challenge Mr. Trump in president Election on November 3rd, have criticized Trump’s administration for downplaying the crisis and not preparing for the spread of the disease in the United States.

Mr. Pence, who was appointed by Donald Trump last week to operate the White House’s coronavirus response, said Americans should brace for more cases but that the vast majority of those who contracted the disease would recover soon.

“Other than in areas where there are individuals that have been infected with the coronavirus, people need to understand that for the average American, the risk does remain low. We’re ready,” Mr. Pence told NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

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The United States has also imposed limits on travelers who have visited Iran and issued an advisory not to travel to hard-hit areas of Italy and South Korea.

President Trump told on Saturday that the United States is also considering closing the southern border of United States with Mexico to control the spread of the virus, he also added that “We hope we won’t have to do that.”

Mexico has confirmed 4 COVID-19 cases. Mexican Foreign Ministry said on Saturday that both governments are in “close and effective communication, especially the health authorities.”