Countries Evacuating Nationals from Coronavirus Hit Areas of China

by Shatakshi Gupta

As of now, we all would be definitely aware of the corona virus which is now also being popularized as the COVID-19, new name given to the coronavirus by the World Health Organization (WHO). Now as this virus is no more confined just to its place of origination, China but is now spreading all around the world and till date, it has actually affected approximately 29 countries some of them being USA, Japan, India, South Korea, Canada and so on. Thus, it had been declared as the Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) by WHO.  There are around 70,000 people who had been reported of being affected by this virus around the world. So now what the countries are doing is evacuating it’s all those nationals who are actually stuck in the coronavirus hit areas of China. And not only evacuating their nationals but also they are formulating the evacuation plans so that they are able to manage all those health risks which can be posed by the nationals who are evacuated and are returning to their native countries.

India till now had evacuated approximately 600 people from Wuhan not only the nationals of India but also of some other of its neighboring countries.

Yet Kazakhstan had evacuated around 83 Kazakhs from Wuhan, and also among those 719 remaining Kazakhs still in China, 391 will be repatriated.

An evacuation flight of Britain from Wuhan which was actually carrying around 200 to 250 individuals, landed at the Royal Air Base on Feb 9. Also, a plane that was carrying approx. 83 of British along with the 27 of European Union nationals returned to Britain from Wuhan.

Around 251 people were evacuated from China by Uzbekistan on Feb 6, and they were also quarantined in Tashkent as per the information received from Central Asian Nation airline.

As per the data provided around 525 Taiwanese had been evacuated by Taiwan from Wuhan and this was the first batch of nationals who had been evacuated.

Singapore’s foreign ministry told that the second flight of evacuation returned from China on Feb 9, carrying 174 Singaporeans and also their family members were evacuated.

As per the data received from Brazil, there are 34 Brazilians who had been evacuated from Wuhan on Feb 9 and they had also been quarantined for the next 18 days which is the incubation period for the coronavirus to show its symptoms also to avoid any kind of risk.

According to the U. S. State Department, two planes that carried approximately 300 passengers had been evacuated from the very heart of this virus, Wuhan on Feb 6, and landed in the US, this was the third batch that was evacuated.

  New Zealand officials told that Australians, New Zealanders, and also the Pacific Islanders had been evacuated from China and they landed in Auckland, New Zealand on Feb 5.

A batch of 56 Italy nationals had been flown back from the Wuhan to Rome on Feb 3, and further to get rid of any kind of health risk these evacuees would be quarantined for the next two weeks in the military hospital, as per the government information.

State television of Saudi Arabia reported that the country had actually evacuated around ten students from China on 2nd February.

 For the repatriation of its Spanish nationals, Spain’s government is actually working in the coordination with China and the European Union.

Approximately 370 people were flown from China to South Korea by the government of South Korea on the charter flight. And they further sent another flight for the evacuation of the remaining South Korean nationals which are estimated to be 350 in number.


The first batch of the Canadian citizens evacuated from Wuhan had 176 individuals who landed in Ontario. The second batch also arrived in Vancouver as told by the foreign minister. These evacuees will be quarantined for the period of the next two weeks, which is also the incubation period for the coronavirus.

Last week the batch of 138 Thai citizens were evacuated from Wuhan. All these evacuees will have to be quarantined for the next two weeks to check that if they show any symptoms of coronavirus.

Voluntary evacuation of twenty Dutch nationals is been undertaken by the Netherlands, as reported by the foreign minister of the country. In this step of the Netherlands, it will seek some assistance and also coordination with other EU partners and also with the Chinese authorities.

Russia would be using its Far Eastern Region for evacuating its citizens from the Hubei province of China, where the city of Wuhan is located. As per the estimates, there are around 600 or more Russian nationals in China. And according to the RIA news agency, the very first Russian military plane flew from Wuhan on Feb 4 in the process of the evacuation operation.

French nationals who had been evacuated from China are said to be placed in quarantine to cut down the spread of this virus in their country. France authorities reported that they all had been evacuated without any symptoms.

As per the information given by the Swiss authorities, there are around ten Swiss nationals that would be evacuated along with the other French nationals from China.

According to Indonesia’s government, it flew the batch of 243 Indonesians from the Hubei province of China. And also all of them were kept in quarantine at their military base located on the island north west of Borneo.   

As per the estimates, there are around 570 Japanese nationals evacuated from Wuhan. And the third flight for repatriating the Japanese individuals landed back on Jan 31 from Wuhan.

The Department of Foreign Affairs of the Philippines informed that the batch containing thirty Filipinos landed back on Philippines from China on Feb 9.  Also that all the evacuees will be quarantined which also includes the ten-member government team for the time period of fourteen days.