Trump Returns To White House From Hospital, Removed Mask Despite Infection

by Shatakshi Gupta

U.S. President Donald Trump, who was found COVID-19 positive three days ago, arrived at the White House from the hospital Monday night after treatment.  After returning, he said that there is no need to fear with Corona. However, his doctor has said that the President has to take great care of his health, because, the danger is not averted yet.

 Trump also removed the mask in the White House. 15 officers and lawmakers, including President Trump, have been found infected. Some media reports say Trump may take part in another presidential debate on October 15.  However, this has not yet been formally confirmed by the White House.

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 Treatment will continue

 Sean Conley, Trump’s personal doctor at the White House, said the threat was not yet averted.  The President must take the necessary precautions.  His treatment will continue.  Trump left the hospital in a suit and mask.  The media tried to ask questions remotely.  But, he just said thank you.  Notably, he also removed his mask.

 People watched live on TV while Trump was going to the White House without a mask.  President’s Doctor refused to answer, whether President’s report came negative.  However, as per some reports, the President has been given the last dose of Anti-viral drug Remdesivir, but the treatment will continue. 

 The danger is not averted

 Dr Conley made it clear that the President’s health was constantly being monitored and the threat is not completely averted.  Trump’s press secretary Kelly McKechnie has also turned positive.  Trump said before leaving the hospital: “There is no need to fear the COVID-19. Do not let it dominate your life. You can easily beat it.

Might participate in the presidential debate

 Some media reports have stated that Trump will definitely participate in the second presidential debate on October 15.  For this, he has also started preparing.  His campaign manager, Ryan Nobbs said, “Trump will attend the second debate.  I have been informed about this.”  His campaign team will have to give information about this to the Commission of Debate.  The official announcement will be made later.