Kim Yo Jong Could Be The Next Dictator Of North Korea; Here Is What You Need To Know

by Shatakshi Gupta

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s health is once again in the news.  It is claimed that Kim Jong is in a coma.  Even an expert has claimed that Kim Jong has died.  Along with this, there has been a possibility that now the command of the country can be handed over to his sister Kim Yo Jong.  If that happens, Yo Jong would be the first female dictator in the world.  In fact, a few days ago Kim Jong gave a promotion to her sister, after which she has become even more powerful, she is now the second-in-command. It is said that she is more dangerous and cruel than Kim Jong.

Yo Jong’s order: respect and fear

 According to the English newspaper Mirror, experts warn that Kim Yo Jong is extremely cruel.  It is believed that Yo Jong used to decide what issues were important for Kim Jong to take to him.  It is said that Yo Jong used to ask the party people to treat him with respect and fear.  When North Korea’s live-fire military exercise was opposed by South Korea, Kim Yo Jong said that ‘scared dogs are barking.’

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Arch rival of South Korea

 Many experts who have knowledge about North Korea have described Kim Yo Jong as the strongest opponent of South Korea.  Not only this, but it is also being said that Kim’s army had bombed the co-operation sites along the border on his orders.  Kim Yo-Jong first came into news in 2018 when she visited South Korea.  She was the first member of the Kim dynasty to step on South Korean soil for the first time.  After this tour, she showed a very aggressive attitude towards South Korea.

Most loyal to the Kim Jong Un

 Leonid Petrov, a North Korean expert, says, “Kim Yo Jong has direct access to his brother.”  Not only this, but his sister also has a deep influence on the North Korean ruler.  Kim Yo Jong knows all about his brother.  She is the most loyal to his brother and deals with foreigners and South Korea.  Kim Yo Jong works to create a positive image of his brother in the world.

 Kim Jong Un coma or death?

 A few days ago, South Korea’s intelligence agency reported that 32-year-old Kim Yo-jong has been put in charge of North Korea to look into cases involving the US and South Korea.  In this way, she has now unofficially become the number two leader in the country.  After this, Chang Song-min, who was the officer of former South Korean President Kim Dae-Jung, claimed that Kim Jong-un is in a coma.  Not only this, journalist Roy Kelly even said that he thinks Kim has died.