North Korea threat looms as China, Japan, South Korea leaders meet

by Madhvi Bansal

North Korea is keen to take action if the expected relief was not sanctioned. In the wake of the threat, leaders from three powerful nations – China, Japan, and South Korea met this Tuesday at a trilateral summit.

The meet among the leaders was about explaining their stand as far as the increasing demands for Pyongyang were concerned. In addition to this issue, they also discussed matters of free trade and economic support. Before the meet took place on Tuesday, South Korean leader Moon Jae-Un and the Japanese Prime Minister met the Chinese President individually. In the meet that was held at the city of Chengdu, three leaders have firmly explained their stand on the issues of increasing demand by Pyongyang.

After the meet on Tuesday when the Chinese president was addressing the media said that the Korea peninsula has been facing threats and only through discussions and consultations they believe they can able to find a solution.

Moon Jae-Un also added that these three countries – China, Japan, and South Korea from the Korea Peninsula have come forward to work in harmony with the international community to find a solution in a more appropriate way.

North Korea, on the other hand, has already set the deadline for them to react on the new sanctions. In case if their demands related to sanctions were not fulfilled by the end of this year, it may conduct a controversial missile test. As per the sources, this test could be of a ballistic missile that is powerful enough to launch a nuclear warhead.

The South Korean President after the meet said that they are ready to make all efforts necessary to initiate talks between the Two Nations – the USA and North Korea; so that they could able to achieve “denuclearization and peace…” and move forward.

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